Enroll for thousands of online courses from Simpliv for $9 each

Fremont, CA: Fremont, CA-based platform for online learning, Simpliv, gives learners the opportunity to take up several online courses that are priced extremely competitively, at just $9 each. This low price is aimed at facilitating learning among more people from the global community of learners, whom Simpliv wants to offer these courses to, so that they can advance in their careers.


Simpliv, a learning platform with a difference, is offering innumerable courses on the core areas of IT for learners across the world, at a most reasonable price of $9 each. This offer is in line with Simpliv’s desire to be a source for learning on all areas of interest to the human mind. This is one of the means by which Simpliv wants to accomplish its objective of taking education to everyone on this planet, irrespective of creed, color, religion and race. It wants to destroy all barriers to education and wants to make sure that everyone should learn.

About the only requirement that Simpliv expects from its learners is the desire to learn. The reason for which it sets such a low-price entry for its courses is that it wants to ensure that anyone who wants to learn should not be left out. It is pricing its courses at a level at which most other players have not been able to set.

Enroll for thousands of online courses from Simpliv for $9 each1

Simpliv offers courses on simply any topic that a learner wants to learn. These courses could range from development to presentation skills, and from psychotherapy to photography. Even the most esoteric courses such as kabala are made available with Simpliv, for this extremely attractive price tag. It has plans of expanding the collection of courses in its already huge online video library. It wants to make thousands of courses available to the learner.

Subjects on which Simpliv’s courses are available at just $9

Simpliv makes courses on a vast spread of subjects available to its learners. Development, database and IT & software systems are just some of them. Within these subjects, Simpliv brings courses for just $9 on these among other topics:

  • Python
  • Development Tool
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Java
  • C#
  • Mobile Development

Its courses on database management are also very expansive. The spread of topics on which it offers courses relating to database include:

  • Hadoop
  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle SQL
  • Oracle Certification
  • Pl/SQL
  • Elasticsearch

Coming to IT and software systems, Simpliv offers a variety of courses on all the areas of this subject, including:

  • Apache Hive
  • Internet of Things
  • Networking and Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Machine Learning
  • Windows Server
  • Computer Skills.

Bountiful and valuable learning of development courses at just $9 each

Enroll for thousands of online courses from Simpliv for $9 each2

So, what does the learner get for $9? At this price, the learner gets to learn courses on topics that are relevant for the industry. These courses are taught by well-known experts, and finally, they are certified. All these mean a raw deal for the learners because they get to learn courses that give them important knowledge with which they can grow in their careers.

Sample just a couple of these courses to understand what they carry:

Take a look at this course on Spark for Data Science with Python. With this course, being offered for just $9, learners get to understand all the elements of Spark for Data Science with Python, such as how to:

  • Use Spark for a variety of analytics and Machine Learning tasks
  • Implement complex algorithms like PageRank or Music Recommendations
  • Work with a variety of datasets from Airline delays to Twitter, Web graphs, Social networks and Product Ratings
  • Use all the different features and libraries of Spark: RDDs, Dataframes, Spark SQL, MLlib, Spark Streaming and GraphX.

And then, there is this course, again for just $9, on Cloud: At this AWS Master Class: Databases In The Cloud With AWS RDS; the learner will get to understand all the components of databases in the cloud with AWS RDS, consisting of:

  • AWS RDS relational database service
  • Deploying a private RDS database in a custom AWS VPC
  • How to setup an RDS database in high availability mode
  • Setting up an RDS database in a multi-AZ deployment mode
  • How to set up an optimal backup and recovery strategy for your AWS RDS database.

Machine learning is one of the really hot technology topics today around the world. Simpliv’s courses on ML equip you with all that there is to learn about this topic. Take a look at what this course on Machine Learning In The Cloud With Azure Machine Learning, which is aimed at everyone who wants to be a part of this industry, such as data science enthusiasts, software and IT engineers, statisticians, cloud engineers, software architects and technical and non-technical tech founders, offers:

  • Everything about Azure Machine Learning
  • Various machine learning algorithms supported by Azure Machine Learning
  • How to build and run a machine learning experiment with real world datasets
  • Using classification machine learning algorithms
  • How to use regression machine learning algorithms
  • How to expose the Azure ML machine learning experiment as a web service or API
  • Learning on how to integrate the Azure ML machine learning experiment API with a web application.

With such a vast spread of learning on all areas of development, database and IT and software systems, all offered at just $9 each; Simpliv is here to make sure that no one gets left out of the learning that is so vital to build one’s career.

More: https://www.simpliv.com/search


OMG 1000+ followers on WordPress!! Special Thank you everyone, from Simpliv online learning platform!


Simpliv reaches a true OMG moment! It has 1K followers on WordPress!! Reaching the milestone of 1000 followers on WordPress is something that many learning platforms work hard to achieve, but it has been easy for Simpliv. This is because Simpliv is different!

Simpliv doesn’t run behind profits or scrounge the elite. In fact, it is built on the philosophy of eliminating these labels from education. It wants to make a place for itself under the sun by being a platform that is completely free of barriers to education. You could belong to either gender, or you could be placed in any location from Africa to Australia. Simpliv doesn’t consider these as obstructions in its path of imparting education.

Courses for anyone and everyone!

1000 followers on WordPress!! Special Thank you everyone, from Simpliv online learning platform!.jpg

Its aim is to make courses available to anyone who wants to learn. A trending course does not mean much to Simpliv, because it doesn’t believe that one has to only teach courses that are in demand. Its thinking is this: why should the learner take up a course against her wishes only because someone else is doing it? Does photography give you the kicks? No problem. Simpliv has plenty of courses on this topic.

Do you want to explore how acupuncture works for some ailments? Do you want to help someone with psychotherapy? Or, do you want to improve your presentation skills? What if you want to sharpen your Java or machine learning knowledge? Simpliv has enough and more for each of you!

Learning is for those who want to learn

1000 followers on WordPress!! Special Thank you everyone, from Simpliv online learning platform!a.png

Simpliv has been conceived to make learning simple and accessible to anyone. It expects only one quality though: the willingness to learn! Anyone who wants to augment knowledge can come to Simpliv. Its courses are meant for just any person with the desire to learn.

With courses that are certified, you will go a long way. They are not just for spending your weekend or developing a hobby. These certified courses actually help you further your career. So, what is the harm in spending the $10 to $12 that it costs on average for these courses, when you can stay ahead in your profession and your life?

Did we tell you about our experts? Simpliv has handpicked a number of well-known experts who bring expertise in their respective areas. They are popular in the field of online teaching globally. So, what more could one expect from an online learning platform?

This is only the beginning for us

We know how much you have valued us. The fact that 1000 of you have become our followers on WordPress is a shining credential of that fact. But then, wonderful as these compliments are; they do not give room for Simpliv to relax. It believes that this is just the start of its long association with learners from across the world who will value and respect its courses.

Once again, thanks to all of you! We are pleased and honored to see our popularity soar with our community. We can assure you our continued, high quality products -the reason that has led us to write this message -to you at all times!


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