Best Game Development Interview Questions and Answers

Java development is a key skill that the gaming industry needs today. Although some people argue that the popularity of C++ in game development is very well entrenched and Java cannot displace it in the near future, there is no way Java development will face a downswing. It is a parallel programming skill that is set to grow with the expected explosion of the gaming industry all over the world, with its 2017 market reaching well over $100 billion.

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It goes without saying that if there is one field that has been growing exponentially over the past few years, it is mobile gaming. This huge spike in demand for rmbile gaming has pushed the demand for mobile game developers. Want to become one? Let us familiarize you with what it takes:

You need to learn the technique for creating games on mobile and video that can be fun, exciting and, if we may say so, addictive! You need to have knowledge of how the Android/IOS platforms work because a game app is built on these.

Let us now take you to the questions and answers session that makes it easier for you to overcome the hurdle of a job interview for the position of a age developer:

1st Round: Game Development Basic interview questions and answers:

Q1) Explain the basic structure for developing a game

Ans: The basic structure for developing a mobile game is the following:

a) The interface of the game

b) Its implementation

c) The game’s source code

Q2) Describe some of the common problems encountered while developing a game with Java

Ans: Some of the common problems with developing a game with Java include:

a) Garbage Collector: The problem arises with the non-deterministic memory management

b) Absence of a set of third party libraries: Although Java has a huge built-in class library; they are not related to games, which makes them unusable for games

c) An unsupported game Console: Most popular game consoles do not support Java

d) The developer community is a small one: The one issue with Java is that the community is very small compared to C++ , which is what most programmers use for developing games. The help you can expect from the community of programmers is small, to say the least.

Q3) Which models are used to make money in gaming business?

Ans: These models are used to make money in gaming business:

a) Charge Per Copy

b) Monthly Subscription

c) Micro-transactions

d) Pay-per-Play

e) Ad-based

f) Provider billing

g) Merchandising

h) Code Licensing

i) Sponsorship

Q4) Why is C++ the more preferred language for game development?

Ans: a)    Developers find that C++ offers them greater control than C and Java

b)    The SDKs for various platforms are C++ centric

c)     Because of being an early starter, C++ language has gained greater popularity among game developers

Q5) How do you describe “Pixel Art”?

Ans: It is a digital art created by drawing individual pixels in an image instead of rendering a 3D model.

Q6) What is “Lag”?

Ans: The lag is the gap between the action of players and the response time of the server.

Q7) Are there ways by which to reduce the game lag?

Ans: You have to either lower the performance setting for the game or upgrade certain parts on your computer.

Q8) Explain Cloud gaming?

Ans: Cloud gaming is a system in which the game gets hosted on a game server in a data center instead of being done locally. This allows the user to only run a client locally which forwards game controller actions upstream to the remote game server.

Q9) which are some of the HTML5 framework game engines?

Ans: a) Construct 2

b) Turbulence


d) Phaser etc.

Q10) How suited are Bitbucket/Github for game development?

Ans: Being a code hosting service and not a file sharing service, Bitbucket is compatible for small size game development. If you are required to handle very large files or frequently change binary files, Github is not appropriate, as it can’t display differences on binaries.

Q11) Explain PunkBuster and the way in which it works

Ans: ‘PunkBuster’ is a computer program designed to prevent and detect the software for cheating in online games. It works in the following manner: it scans the memory contents of the local machine and prevents other software’s from carrying out malfunctions. Most present-day games use PunkBuster to prevent online hackers or cheaters.

Q12) What does the animation thread class hold In Java game development?

Ans: The animation thread class is used for updating the DrawablePanel for game logic and to force a redraw of the panel. It holds a reference to the Drawable Panel.

Q13) Which Android tools are used for developing games?

Ans: These are some of the tools used for developing games:

a) Eclispse: Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

b) ADT- Android’s Eclipse Plugin

c) Android SDK-includes ADB

d) Hudson- Automatic build tool

Q14) How do you use load texture method to load the image in Android?

Ans: The load texture method takes in an image pointer and then loads the image into a stream, which is then loaded as a texture into OpenGL.

Q15) Explain Vertex Buffer Object

Ans: Vertex Buffer Object is an OpenGL feature. It is a method by which vertex data is uploaded to the video device for non-immediate mode rendering.

Q16) Name the steps used to create a Vertex Buffer Object

Ans: A Vertex Buffer Object can be created in three simple steps:

a) Generate a new buffer object with glGenBuffers()

b) Bind the buffer object with glBindBuffer ()

c) Copy the vertex data to the buffer object

Q17) Describe the advantage and disadvantage of using packed buffers?


Packed buffers can be used to make the GPU more efficient in rendering, as it holds all the information needed to render within the same block of memory.


With a packed buffer updating is more difficult and slower if dynamic data is being used.

Q18) Which are the methods used for storage in android?

Ans: These are the storage methods used in android:

a)    Shared Preferences: Stores private primitive data in key value pairs

b)    Internal Storage: Stores private data on device memory

c)     External Storage: Stores public data on shared external storage

d)    Network Connection: With Network Connection you store data on the web in your own network server

e)    SQLite Databases: In private database, SQLite Database stores structured data

Q19) What do you understand by a game loop?

Ans: The game loop is the central component for any game development. Loop is used for making the required updates and for checking the changes in the game. Graphics, movement, controls are some of the components that rely on the game loop.

Q20) Describe the FPS?

Ans: FPS stands for frames per second. It tells how much information is used to store and display motion video. With each frame being a still image, the illusion of motion is created by displaying these frames in quick succession.

Q21) Describe “onsurfacecreated” in android game development

Ans: Every time the drawing surface is created, “OnsurfaceCreated” is called. The application starting or becoming active after being sent to the background or a change in the orientation are some of the situations in which “OnsurfaceCreated” is called. A context loss triggers all these events, as result of which every asset will be lost and have to be recreated. It is necessary to recreate all assets and application objects at this place.

Q22) When can an “onsurfacechange” occur?

Ans: The the “onsurfacechange” can occur when the screen size changes, which in turn can happen when the device orientation changes.

Q23) List some of the common errors done by programmer while programming

Ans: Some of the common errors carried out by programmer while programming include:

a)    h) Misusing the && and l l Operators

b)    Overstepping array boundaries

c)     Extra Semicolons

d)    Undeclared Variables

e)    Uninitialized Variables

f)      Setting a variable to an uninitialized value

g)    Checking equality using single equal sign

h)    Undeclared functions

Q24) Which gaming engines can be used for developing games?

Ans: These are some of the different gaming engines that can be used for developing games:

1)    AndEngine

2)    Rokon

3)    Libgdx

4)    6) Cocos2D-Android

5)    jMonkey Engine

6)    Android-2D-Engine

Q25) Describe the main features of AndEngine

Ans: These are some of the main features of AndEngine:

a)    Android 1.6 Compatability

b)    Android-Optimized

c)     Live-Wallpapers

d)    MultiTouch

e)    Network Multiplayer

f)      Physics-Engine

g)    SplitScreen

Q26) What are Objects in Blender?

Ans: Blender is an open source 3D computer graphics software program with which visual effects, 3D games, animated movies, and software are developed.

To manipulate objects in Blender, when you push “space” tab it will open a menu bar. From here, select the object of whatever size you want as a sphere, cube, etc. After selecting an object, some of the activities you can carry out include add, delete, move, scale and rotating the objects.

Merging two objects into one in Blender, requires the following steps

  1. Select both objects in object mode
  2. Press Ctrl+J to join the object into one
  3. Enter edit mode and change it to face manipulation mode
  4. Press X to remove the surface or faces that will be joined with each other
  5. Switch back to the Vertex Manipulation mode
  6. You can join the objects by selecting the corresponding vertices from each object and using F to create a new face
  7. Press F to merge the two objects into a single one.

With Blender, you can also transform object using properties panel. This can be done for meeting very specific needs. This is how you edit the properties of your object:

  1. Go to properties panel
  2. Click the object icon
  3. You can also transform the object by changing its properties in the rotation, location and scale tables. This is the way to do it:
  4. To copy an object, being in Object mode, you will have to:
  5. Right click on the object that you want to copy
  6. Press shift+D to duplicate it first
  7. Right click on object to get out of grab mode without changing its location
  8. After that press M to bring up the layer move popup menu
  9. Click the button for the layer that you want to move.

2nd Round: Game Development Technical Interview Questions and answers:

Q1. Why is C++ still the preferred language for Game Development?

Ans: There are various reasons for which C++ is the most preferred language for game development, although C still continues to be used. These are some of them:

Having been around for years, it has gained penetration among programmers. Many programmers have a high level of comfort with it.

The SDKs for various platforms are very C++ centric. Having to do it another language inevitably is tedious to say the least, involving as it does having to write wrappers and cross-compiling down to VMs and the like.

Control is one of the most important reasons for the popularity of this language for web development. Game developers like to know everything that is going on in their code, something that C++ gives abundantly. Related languages like C# and Java reduce control. This may not be bad in itself, but many game coders don’t want it that way.

Q2. What is the average job length in the game industry?

Ans: There is no one standard answer for this question. It depends on product cycles. The game developing industry hires everyone from temporary staff to senior executives. So, it depends on which rung of the ladder you are in

Q3. Are there any good web frameworks for asynchronous multiplayer games?

Ans: My pick would be Service Stack for services, XML, JSON etc.

HR Round:

  1. For how many years have you been coding in Java as a game developer?
  2. Explain some of the products you developed using Java. How were they received by your company, your clients if you did it for them, and by the market?
  3. What are the challenges you faced while developing these games and how did you overcome them?
  4. How well do you get along with teams? Have you faced problems with team members when working on Java programs? What was the problem and how did you face it?
  5. For how many more years do you intend working as a Java programmer for game development?


The career of a Java programmer for game development is a promising one. It has abundant opportunities for growth since the industry is global, growing and hiring. It makes sense to be prepared for the technical and other rounds of an interview for Java programmer. This write-up is based on real life experiences in facing Java interviews. We hope you find it useful!


Oracle Goldengate 12c

About this Course

Learn Oracle Goldengate and be Oracle Goldengate Specialist.

The course contains the topics from basics to advanced level. The course is designed in such a way that it caters to everyones need. The course is descriptive and practical. The course will help you in achieving expertise on Oracle Goldengate.

Programming And Coding Interviews1

With this course you will learn:

  • Oracle Goldengate Architecture
  • Oracle Goldengate Introduction,Download and Installation
  • Set up a unidirectional and bidirectional replication
  • Understanding Parameter files
  • Perform data filteration and transformation
  • Implementing DDL Replication
  • Implement integrated Extract
  • Implementing Integrated Replicat
  • Strategy for Monitoring and troubleshooting an Oracle GoldenGate configuration,
  • Configuring Oracle Goldengate security to meet customer needs
  • Understanding and Configuring Oracle Goldengate Parameter Files
  • Preparing for the interview
  • Test cases
  • Oracle Goldengate 12c new features
  • Hands on Activity Guides
  • Interview Questions for GG

Post the completion of this course attend the Goldengate certification course (Certification Oracle Goldengate Implementation Essentials) from Ashish Agarwal and be Oracle Goldengate certified. So u will have expertise and certification both with this and certification course!

Content and Overview 

This course is suitable for for Database Administrators and Developers., The course has descriptive and demonstrated 18 hours video sessions which will help you learn Oracle GoldenGate 12c fundamentals. The lectures are supported with exercises and documentations.

The course starts with description of Oracle Goldengate Architecture and installation of Oracle Goldengate on Linux Platform. The course has a wonderful presentation on all the topics including parameter files of Oracle Goldengate. The course also guides you on how to crack the interview. With the course you get Goldengate Interview Q and A. Also you can get the guide to setup the lab with this course.

This course give you the chance to grab the oppurtunity to work with instructor with such a wide experience and gaining real time scenarios.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to configure Oracle Goldengate and support Goldengate in customer environment. So, come join in the amazing journey of learning this hot technology.

Who is the target audience?

  • Database Administrators
  • Database Analysts
  • Solution Architects
  • Technical Architects
Basic knowledge
  • We assume the audience have the basic knowledge of the Oracle Database Administration fundamentals
  • Database developers and data integration specialist could also benefit from this course
What you will learn
  • Installaton of Oracle Goldengate
  • Architecture of Oracle Goldengate – Process Data Flow
  • Implementation and Configuration of Goldengate processes – Integrated and Classic modes
  • Configure unidirectional and bidirectional setup
  • Data Filteration and Transformation
  • Logdump utility
  • Zero Downtime migration and upgradation using Oracle Goldengate
  • DDL Replication
  • Troubleshooting strategy
  • Understanding and Configuration of Parameter files

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Best Software Development Trends to Watch for in 2018

Something that was all the rage last year, might not even be talked about now. Things change and fade away rapidly—all because of advancements in technology. This also is seen in trends for software development as well. The year 2017 witnessed some great breakthroughs in this field and 2018 has already whispered the emergence of trends in software development ranging from cryptocurrency, augmented, virtual and mixed reality to oil rigs, mobile computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

As of now, enthusiasts are assuming 2018 will be an exciting and important year for innovative advancements in software and application developers will play a fundamental role in every domain. Let us look at the  software development trends that will shape the world for future generations.

1.The Shining Star – Blockchain

Do not get confused it with astrological findings. Blockchain is the technology that has shined in 2017 because of the Bitcoin hype. It is believed that blockchain will revolutionize nearly every industry and more companies are considering blockchain development and blockchain-related services every day.

Blockchain is a network of interconnected peer-to-peer devices. This technology provides for the absence of central computers, as well as the lack of clearly defined locations where all data is stored. The technology is revolutionizing the financial services industry by empowering millions across the globe to authenticate and transact large-scale, non-cash transactions immediately and without costly intermediaries. The implementation and acceptance will also be witnessed in other, broader fields such as administration, healthcare and supply chain to streamline processes.

IBM is a leader and already has been building relationships with banks, food distributors, and government regulatory agencies to use blockchain for financial transactions. Other technology giants, like Microsoft, Oracle, and Amazon, are stepping up to introduce exclusive blockchain platforms. This means that businesses will need software applications that support blockchain and their demand for blockchain developers is going rise. The year 2018 will be a gold rush for developers who devote themselves to this demand and many of them will end up a lot richer.

2. The Surge of Progressive Web Apps

Wikipedia says, “Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web applications that are regular web pages or websites, but can appear to the user like traditional applications or native mobile applications. The application type attempts to combine features offered by most modern browsers with the benefits of a mobile experience.”

In 2017, PWAs were a part of Gartner’s software technology trends and in 2018, there are reasons to believe the growth of web-based solutions will grow even more. Web apps will contribute to a significant share of the market as compared to mobile apps in the long term. Even Google started focusing on features in its browser to allow web apps to work like mobile apps, giving the same level of user experience. Progressive web apps are easier to develop and maintain than regular mobile apps. In addition, they offer the best features of the web and mobile app combined. Companies involved in e-commerce, entertainment, healthcare, banking and more are having web apps developed to provide better accessibility to the masses.

3. The Adaptability of IoT

The IoT ecosystem is huge and wearables like Android Wear, Apple Watch, and Fitbit were just the initial spark. Soon, everything from driverless cars and roads to home appliances, communication devices, and business processes will become always connected, collecting enormous amounts of data.

Be it fitness and healthcare to manufacturing and retail, everyone is quite excited about the possibilities that Internet of Things will present. Thus, it demands vigilance of software developers to allow them to figure out how to best program devices that will assist the users in controlling them. These developers will be focusing on developing applications that allow for seamless controlling of devices from anywhere and at any time.

4. The Intelligence of Artificial Intelligence

As of now, it is estimated that more than 40% of businesses have adopted Artificial Intelligence in automating their processes. They are integrating AI-driven solutions to perform specific tasks to stay ahead in the competition and provide a better service experience for their customers. From voice-activated home assistants, Smartphones, Big Data, and Insight-as-a-Service, companies developing frameworks to perform more tasks with the help of these are going to make it big in 2018. Google, Facebook, and Slack are leading the development of AI. Google is even focusing on plans to base all its algorithms on this technology.

In addition, AI is bound to become more intelligent in decision-making abilities and that will have consequences that are hard to roll back. Future-enthusiasts, like Elon Musk and world leaders like Vladimir Putin, believe Artificial Intelligence has the power to change the world in both good and bad ways. For positive-thinkers, the intelligence and capabilities of AI is going to make this world a better place, inducing comfort in people’s lives and saving time.

5. The Evolving Mixed Reality

In simple words, Mixed Reality (MR), is sometimes referred to as hybrid reality in the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time. Mixed reality takes place not only in the physical world or in the virtual world, but is a mix of reality and virtual reality, encompassing both augmented reality and augmented virtuality via immersive technology.

In 2018, different businesses are exploring the possibilities of building immersive experience for passing a huge amount of information to the users to benefit their everyday life for communications, entertainment, and productivity. Mixed Reality has immense potential. As a result, it is being integrated in a large scale in newly-created web and mobile apps where customer’s interactions with products or services are an important aspect for a successful business. For example, e-commerce stores can allow their customers to view apparel on virtual mannequins or those involved in home improvements can design their houses virtually with furniture, colors, and flooring and see the exterior look before making a purchase. 3D mapping and Mixed Reality is also used in educational programs and AR games.

These are just few that are carrying the legacy forward since their inception. There are even more of them that need to be addressed in separate ways. We will see new trends in software development in 2018 as these develop further.

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Best Software Development Trends

In the recent report entitled, “100 Data and Analytics Predictions Through 2022,” Gartner analysts offer their views on how data management and analytics trends will evolve over the next five years, and how those trends will impact software development. The report was prepared by analysts Douglas Laney, Guido De Simoni, Rick Greenwald, Cindi Howson, Ankush Jain, Valerie Logan and Alan Duncan.

Application development predictions

Image title

Gartner analysts broke out their predictions in the area of software to two main themes—application development and enterprise application software. Four trends will dominate application development, they say.

Virtual codevelopers

Image title

“By 2022, at least 40 percent of new application development (AD) projects will have virtual AI co-developers on their teams,” Gartner says.

AI-enabled test set optimizers

Image title

“By 2022, 40 percent of AD projects will use AI-enabled test set optimizers that build, maintain, run and optimize test assets,” according to the Gartner report.

Hosted AI services

Image title

“By 2022, 30 percent of AD projects will incorporate hosted AI services; fewer than 5 percent will build their own AI models,” Gartner analysts predict.

Event-driven business process management

Image title

“By 2022, 50 percent of digital business technology platform projects will connect events to business outcomes using event-driven intelligent business process management suite (iBPMS)-oriented frameworks,” Gartner says.

Enterprise application software predictions

Image title

“The enterprise application market is again reinventing itself, headlined by the use of AI, conversational platforms and the exploitation of business network data. Technology business unit leaders need to prepare for new monetization tactics and new competitors through 2022,” the Gartner analysts say. They offered the following three predictions in this area.

Artificial intelligence and recruiting

Image title

“By 2021, 30 percent of high-volume recruiting activities (sourcing, screening, shortlisting and candidate interaction) will be done without human intervention, using innovative applications based on AI and data as a service (DaaS),” Gartner says.

Ubiquitous intelligent applications

Image title

“By 2022, ‘intelligent’ applications will be ubiquitous, but their usage for managing complex and custom processes will be less than 5 percent,” Gartner predicts.

Real-time analytics

Image title

“Between 2016 and 2019, spending on real-time analytics will grow three times faster than spending on non-real-time analytics,” the Gartner analysts predict.

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Which is Best for Web Application Development—Dot Net, PHP, Python, Ruby, or Java

When we talk about the web application development technology, web browsers are flashing in our minds at very first moment. It is because web browsers can talk in terms of HTTP or web-sockets with the Internet.

Web Application Development

Supports of Web Browsers

Moreover, web browser technologies are growing rapidly and expanding its supports for new programming languages that we never think of it. Mobile web browsers are behaving differently, and many web services work on mobile platforms with low-level native web browsers like WebView and APIs to give user interface.
The mobile web is hardly depending on de-facto standard desktop web technologies and leave enough room for diversity in web development technologies and frameworks.

Emerging Web Application Development Technologies

Therefore, we cannot rely on traditional Webs Application Development technologies such as PHP and Java, as server-side scripting languages, Ruby, and Python as standard web programming platforms, and .NET as emerging open source from a large proprietary software developer community of Microsoft.

Web Application Development3
We have to think of emerging scripting languages and frameworks such as JavaScript as full-fledged front-end and backend script, jQuery as a substitute of JavaScript in mobile web programming, Scala against Ruby, Elixir with Phoenix framework, Clojure with Datomic database, Haskel for serious functional programming, and Rust as a good alternative to it.
Node.js, Angular.js, Go, Dart, etc. are few names, which are gaining ground in the list of web development technologies. Therefore, sticking with one or two Web Application Development technologies for varying nature, size, and types of projects seems fatal attitude for the web programmers.

Particularly, for those programmers who have to traverse deep ocean of job market and career development in the stiffly competitive world of developers.
However, due to space constraints, we may discuss the traditional and standard web development technologies such as

  • Dot Net
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Java

All come with their pros and cons and appropriateness in modern contexts, particularly where mobile web is going to dominate, and some new other hardware technologies may wait to arrive on the Web-o-Sphere.

PHP Web Application Development

Hypertext Pre-Processor or PHP is a server-side scripting language developed with the intention to create powerful dynamic and interactive websites in the static website era.
It has rapidly gained momentum, and today nearly, 40% websites or web application in the world of the Internet is running with PHP in their source code. However, we can cite numerous reasons behind such immense popularity, but few are distinguished such as:

  • It can easily embed into HTML code without requiring separate IDE
  • It is with short learning curve and flexible so need frameworks to do organized coding and a lot of frameworks available for little to large-scale programming
  • It is cross-platform and cross-browser compatible, as well as supports all existing web servers
  • It has universal database supports, so integration of any database is possible with PHP
  • It is open source and with huge open source community to support
  • It is at the core of various open source software with great popularity such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and so on
  • Being the best PHP web application development service provider from India, we cater to hire php developers for different frameworks like Zend, Laravel, CakePHP and more we deliver responsive and cross-platform web applications using these framework with custom solutions.

ASP.NET Web Application Development

Web Application Developmenta

By nature, .NET is a framework, not a programming language. It is a product of the work of the proprietary giant Microsoft. It is supporting various Microsoft languages including VB & C#. The major part of .NET developer uses C# for desktop and mobile web development including cross-platform mobile applications.
Therefore, here we will discuss C# instead of ASP.NET framework. C# is a refined programming language with Object-Oriented Programming properties and follows MVC paradigm for rapid web application development.
ASP.NET offers flexibility and scalability that PHP can give only with various frameworks at different levels. C# has all good things in VB and C++ while support of Visual Studio with myriads of tools is great.

Visual Studio is shifting as open source and free platform gradually, and ASP.NET framework is decoupling from IIS to offer supports for a broad range of servers on the web.
PHP has various frameworks with the loyal community for each framework whereas .NET is a single framework with a comparatively huge community of developers. Therefore, you can collect a big team of desired skill sets easily for ASP.NET Web Application Development projects.

Python Web Application Development

Python in web developer community is considering as a general-purpose programming language for high-level designing and expressing concepts in a few lines of code. It has astounding readability, so if you know English, you can understand one-fourth of code written in Python.
Therefore, it is a good choice when a big team is working on a massive scale of the project, and a number of programmers have to read and code in a collaborative environment.
Python is supporting OOP and Functional Programming, as it is supporting multiple ways to create the structure and elements of programs for computing devices.
Its rapid prototyping and dynamic semantic capabilities are unbeatable so you can easily construct web applications by testing and importing vital functions.
Unfortunately, Python has a smaller community in comparison to PHP, NET and Java so find an expert developer is a tough job.

Ruby on Rails Web Application Development

Microservices Spring Boot Tutorial1

Ruby is a high-level programming language, which just like PHP can be embedded into HTML easily. It is open source and pure OOP language for web programming as well as other purposes too.
Technically, it offers encapsulation of data methods within objects while doing OOP and developers can use a super advanced string as well as text manipulation techniques.
It enables developers to write multi-threaded apps using simple API, and it can easily connect to various databases including MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, and so on.
The more curious thing for Ruby is that it allows programmers to write external libraries in Ruby or C class languages. It also provides a mechanism for powerful string handling and advanced array class.
Some useful features of Ruby include better security coding, flexible syntax, and debugger to create a quality web application.
It is straightforward and easy for fresher to learn and code due to its easy and clean syntax. Of course, enormous learning resources are plus point for its vast developer community and fans.
Ruby has known framework, and it is Rails so sometimes it refers as Ruby on Rails (ROR) among its lovers.

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Java Web Application Development


Java is a platform-agnostic programming language for web and desktop applications and now used in Android for mobile application development. It is a pure Object-oriented language with strict conventions and typing.
Java is highly preferred programming language for enterprises for big scale projects for the web, intranet as desktop usage, and in modern M2M, IoT, and LBS, as embedded programming language.
It is because it offers high-end security coding, performance designing, and concurrency programming. It brings productivity for developers and eases their life with scalability and interoperability whenever needed.
The best thing for Java is that it is treating as the standard language in universities and courses so finding a Java developer is quite easy and with different levels of skill sets.
Therefore, just like PHP and ASP.NET languages and frameworks, Java is futuristic and give ‘Spring’ and ‘Play’ like programmer friendly frameworks to do rapid Web Application Programming.

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If you have small-scale projects, selecting a single programming technology is a good option, but with large-scale projects, we cannot restrict with one and should go with a mix of multiple web programming languages, frameworks, and databases.
In big projects, sometimes finding developers with single skill sets is tough and we have to compromise by including multiple languages to serve different purposes.
Therefore, developers should learn more than one Web Application Development languages, and clients should select the web development companies with a mix of skill sets available as development resources.
If you think Addon Solutions as your dependable web development partner, you can access web programmers with expertise in various traditional and modern web development languages.

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Top 10 Best Development Courses on Simpliv in 2018

Best Development Coursesa

Want to make the most of the remaining part of 2018 to further your career in web development? Simpliv, a highly reputable platform for online learning, has a bunch of courses on web development that you can take up in 2018. The thing with web development courses from Simpliv is that they are extremely competitively priced, come up from the best teachers in the industry, and are certified. So, start making your move in development courses from Simpliv in 2018, and start growing immediately!

These are the 10 best development courses on Simpliv that you can take up in 2018:

  1. Sikuli – Pattern-Matching and Automation: This course is about the unusual scripting/automation technology, Sikuli, which relies on pattern matching, and is available for use via Python or Java. This course will teach you how to:


  • Automate data-pulls from sites and sources that block other scripting tools
  • Generate alerts based on Facebook/Skype and other hard-to-detect events
  • Search large PDFs for images that “look like” the one you are searching for.

Best Development Coursese


  1. The Oozie Orchestration Framework: Oozie is like the formidable, yet super-efficient admin assistant who can get things done for you. It allows you to manage Hadoop jobs as well as Java programs, scripts and any other executable with the same basic setup, and manages your dependencies cleanly and logically. This course requires students to have basic knowledge of the Hadoop eco-system and should be able to run MapReduce jobs on Hadoop. At the end of this learning, students will be able to:


  • Install and set up Oozie
  • Configure Workflows to run jobs on Hadoop
  • Configure time-triggered and data-triggered Workflows


  1. LaTeX A-Z: from beginner to advance in less than 3 hours: This course has everything about LaTeX, from downloading to typesetting a LaTeX document, importing images, including tables, working with math equations, and algorithms, including citations and many other useful topics, all of which are necessary to master the art of producing professional documents in LaTeX. You will become confident about using LaTeX, and:


  • Will be able to create your own documents in LaTeX
  • Will be able to create well formatted mathematical equations, algorithms, and proofs​
  • Will learn about different elements of creating professional documents such as how to manage references, figures, tables, footnotes, formatting, mathematical equations, algorithms, scientific proofs and many others


Best Development Coursesg

  1. Machine Learning Classification Algorithms using MATLAB: The author of this course takes learners step-by-step in one of the most interesting areas of machine learning called classification, at which he will cover the basics of MATLAB. He will show how to implement some of the most commonly used classification algorithms such as K-Nearest Neighbor, Naive Bayes, Discriminant Analysis, Decision Tress, Support Vector Machines, Error Correcting Output Codes and Ensembles. This course will help you:


  • Use machines learning algorithms confidently in MALTAB
  • Build classification learning models and customize them based on the datasets
  • Compare the performance of different classification algorithms
  • Learn the intuition behind classification algorithms
  • Create automatically generated reports for sharing your analysis results with friends and colleague.


  1. MATLAB App Designing: This is a collection of six courses of Simpliv on MATLAB. This course includes one complete portion on creating apps in MATLAB Guide and one complete portion on creating apps in MATLAB App Designer. This course will teach you how to:


  • Create apps with MATLAB graphical user interfaces using utility called guide and App designer;
  • Turn your existing code into meaningful software
  • Use all the graphical components necessary to make graphical user interfaces.


  1. Complete MATLAB Tutorial: Go from Beginner to Pro: This is yet another of the many courses taught at Simpliv by Nouman Azam, Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science, National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences. This course is meant for researchers, entrepreneurs, instructors, college students, engineers, programmers, and simulators who want to quickly create frontends for their users to run their code and projects. Benefits of this course include becoming confident in being able to:


  • Use MATLAB for problem solving
  • Run scripts, write code and do data analysis and visualization
  • Solve equations, do math operations and manipulate matrices in diverse ways
  • Formulate your own logic and convert complex problems into MATLAB code and solve them using programming skills.

Data Science in R


  1. Advanced MATLAB Data Types and Data Structures: Yet another valuable course taught by Dr. Azam about MATLAB, a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language; this course is covered in seven segments: Introduction to the Course, Cell Data Type, Table Data Type, Time Table Data Type, Structures, Map Containers, and Conversion between Different Data Types.


This course will offer learning on:


  • The essential and unique MATLAB data types necessary for MATLAB programming and data analysis
  • Confidently using different data types and structures such as Cells, Tables, Time Tables, Structures and Map Containers
  • Converting between different data types.


  1. Beginner’s Guide to Editor Scripting in Unity: The aim of this course is in helping you maximize your potential using the Unity editor. This course will help you accelerate your development time and customize your Unity workflow and teach you how to make Unity user friendly to your preferences, techniques and workflows. Taking up this course, you will be able to:

Best Development Coursesh

  • Learn how to make tools in Unity
  • Take full advantage of the power of Unity
  • Speed up your development process
  • Understand how asset store tools are created
  • Get knowledge of industry-standard techniques.


  1. Introduction to Programming: This course, aimed at laying a professional foundation with the skills today’s programmers need to know; takes you from start to advanced levels of programming in html 5 and CSS, and in Python. The author will also help you understand mobile technologies, JavaScript, jQuery and SQL.


  1. Introduction to Solving Data Problems with UNIX: This short course provides a hands-on approach to using UNIX/Linux for solving various data problems from sorting and searching to extracting and manipulating information, all without having to write codes, and with a few commands of UNIX. At the end of this course, you will clarity on:


  • Remotely logging into a UNIX/Linux machine
  • File transfer to a remote machine
  • A basic understanding of some of the common tools useful for doing programming
  • Several basic UNIX commands and utilities
  • Solving several kinds of data problems using UNIX.


Top 5 Mobile Development Courses Online | Simpliv

Top 5 Mobile Development Courses Online4

The world never seems to have enough apps! There seem to be apps everywhere, for everything, and for everyone. A prime offshoot of Internet technology; apps are the easiest way to help people to actually do things without automation. An app may not do the work of a robot, but it can do enough to help you with umpteen things, like reminding to make a phone call, telling you how many calories you burnt during your morning jog, which cinemas or restaurants in your locality are good, and well, unlimited other things.

Well, how is it to be at the forefront of these apps, or rather to put it literally, how is it to be at the backend of all these technologies that power your way in your daily life? That is really what a career in mobile development really essentially is about. Imagine being a mobile developer who can tailor technology to suit a huge market, or to make life a tad easier for people with specific problems. What you need to get there is to learn mobile development. There is just simply no dearth of mobile development courses anywhere on the www, simply because the growth of mobile technology is not exactly growing; it is exploding. Well, if a market that started with it first download exactly a decade ago, in 2008, could reach nearly 150 billion downloads globally in 2018, is there any word to describe such a market with? As of 2017 beginning, Google Play had made nearly three million apps available on its online marketplace!

Top 5 Mobile Development Courses Online2

Don’t such figures that make one drool push you into finding online courses for mobile development to enroll into? Why online courses? Simple: they are simple. when choosing courses, make sure you lay your hands on courses that are flexible, are certified, are taught by well-known experts, are current, and are offered by reputable learning platforms. I can think of an online video library that meets all these criteria with effortless ease: Simpliv.

Simpliv has excellent online mobile development courses that can be of tremendous value to your career in mobile development. I would recommend these top five mobile development courses online:

  1. This course is very hands-on one for you to learn how to build virtual reality games for android and iPhone. Yohann Taieb, who has been teaching technology for some ten years now, will show you how to make the best of virtual reality. Basically, this course will show you how to start making VR games from scratch and publish them in the Apple app store and Google Play store. A sort of DIY; this course will cover all the steps, so that you don’t have to struggle with building your own games with Unity. It is well suited for the novice in Unity to the expert who may have built many VR games. And best of all: this course, like all other Simpliv courses on mobile development, costs a mere $9!


  1. Want to build IAP inside your games? Simple: just enroll for this course from Simpliv! At this completely project based course that follows a top down approach, you will learn to create and publish a complete IAP-featured game using Unity Game Engine. This course from Simpliv will also teach you support handling multi-scenes game with in-app-purchase using Soomla IAP with a host of features. Plus, the expert at this course, geek Ahmed Naser, will be available to have any of your doubts clarified at very short notice.

Top 5 Mobile Development Courses Online1

  1. The ever zestful, bubbly, cheery Mark Lassoff has another ace up his sleeve in this course, at which he will show how you can use html5 for mobile devices. This course, aimed at those of you who know a bit of HTML and are looking to expand your skills in to the mobile realm, will help these learners with a lot of learning. If you’re a web designer or developer trying to expand your work beyond the desktop and graduate to the mobile, are either teachers or students, or are HTML authors who want to have great looking content on any size screen, or are graphic designers; there is a lot you can gain from this course.


  1. Simpliv has this whole course on mobile app development with PhoneGap for those who want to develop applications for iOS and Android, but don’t want to learn yet another programming language. PhoneGap can be used to develop complete mobile applications using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. These mobile apps are versatile, and can interact with either device hardware such as the accelerometer, camera and geolocation tools, or with iOS or Android operating system to make phone calls or use Bluetooth. At this very practical course, you will be working with the phone hardware and interacting with the same real-world API’s that professional developers use on a day-to-day basis, such as Google Places and Google Maps.


  1. Committing errors in the code can traumatize any professional. One small misstep or oversight is enough to kill countless hours, not to speak of the utter handwringing and chaos it causes to everyone concerned. All that preventing or resolving such issues needs is tips, tricks, and techniques that will help you to approach debugging in a strategic manner. This is what this course teaches you. Robert Gioia, a Unity Developer for both android and iOS, will show you the learning from which you need not guess any more, or randomly check or delete buggy parts of code. He will teach you how to get down to the precise, pinpointed cause of an issue and fix it. The step-by-step techniques taught at this course will teach you how to save time by speeding up your debugging workflow.

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