Artificial Intelligence: Trends & Applications To Watch In 2020

For movie buffs, the work that the factory machines do in Charlie Chaplin’s 1936 classic, Modern Times, may have seemed too futuristic for its time. Fast forward eight decades, and the colossal changes that Artificial Intelligence is catalyzing around us will most likely give the same impression to our future generations. There is one crucial difference though: while those advancements were in movies, what we are seeing today are real.

A question that seems to be on everyone’s mind is, What is Artificial Intelligence? The pace at which AI is moving, as well as the breadth and scope of the areas it encompasses, ensure that it is going to change our lives beyond the normal. The thing with AI is that it can bring about developments in a very fundamental manner into the activities we are accustomed to carrying out in our daily lives, from the way we watch movies to how we learn.

The applications of AI are not limited to a single field or industry. A selection of just some of the sectors on which AI is making an unprecedented and irreversible impact:

  • Information Technology
  • EdTech Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Automobile
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail, and many more.

In this blog, let us examine a selection of 8 AI applications and 7 trends that show immense potential for changing the very manner in which our lives will be led in the future.

Just as we start, let me lead you into a very useful online course on Artificial Intelligence which will enhance your understanding of this technology, and is aimed precisely at those who want to learn Artificial Intelligence.

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