How to Write a Resume? | Resume Writing Complete Guide [2020]

What is a Resume?

I will start this blog with a piece of advice: DON’T read it. That is, if you are either of these: Donald Trump, Tom Hanks, LeBron James, Leonardo DiCaprio, Roger Federer, The Beard, Brad Pitt, Steph Curry, Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Rafael Nadal, et al!

The personalities mentioned here are some of the one-in-a-million people that don’t need a resume because their name is enough. However, for you and me, a resume is our professional identity. It is that succinct, valuable document that will drive our chances of getting selected for a job of our choice.

This blog is for those among you who face these challenges:

  • You are convinced that you have a great professional profile, but are frustrated at not getting interview calls
  • You believe that you have given a good account of your professional profile in your resume, but are not getting noticed by employers and job portals
  • You are unable to describe all your career highlights and accomplishments in a manner that enables your resume to stand out and get noticed
  • You are seriously wondering if you need to hire the services of resume writing companies to make your resume more appealing.

This blog will explain the elements and dynamics of a resume that employers cannot take their eyes off. I intend to help you address the issues you may have, such as those listed above, or related ones. I am confident that by the time you have read this blog, you will gained a thorough perspective of what it takes to craft a resume that can no longer be ignored.

Let us get started, then! Let us start by getting an understanding of what a resume is, which will serve as the basis for getting a grasp of how to write one that will land you the job you are looking for.

In the process, you will learn some of the most crucial aspects of rules and conventions concerning how to write a resume that is not only proper and relevant to your profile, but also increases your chances of getting noticed and fished out from among a heap of competing ones.

We will be covering the following topics:

  • What is the difference between a Resume and a CV?
  • What is the difference between a CV and cover letter?
  • What Is the Purpose of Writing A Resume and Why It Is Important?
  • How to Write A Resume?
  • How to Write a Cover Letter?
  • Most Important Resume Sections
  • How to Tell Your Story on LinkedIn?
  • Various Resume Formats
  • What are the common mistakes of a resume? Top Red Flags
  • Outdated Resume rules you need to stop following
  • How to Write a Resume That Stands Out |17 Simple Steps
  • Bonus Resume Writing Tips

The resume is the most accurate and visible face of whatever you are as a professional. The world may recognize a DiCaprio by his face and a Kim Kardashian by something else, but where the average person is concerned, the resume is the mirror that you hold out to your prospective employer. Or, for that matter, anyone that could have a stake in your role and performance as a professional, such as an investor, incubator, mentor, etc.

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