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Academic writing plays a crucial role in day to day life of students at various universities. As per a study, academic writing is one of the skills students find difficult to develop. Even students from native English-speaking countries struggle to maintain the standards of academic writing. These challenges arise from a poor understanding of any of these:

  • Structure of academic writing
  • Purpose and different types of academic writing
  • Plagiarism
  • Research methods

If you can relate closely to any of these above challenges, then you are not alone. One of the common questions we get to read these days on platforms such as Quora is “What is academic writing?”

Academic writing is a skill that you need to learn to convey your ideas, share your thoughts, and engage in scholarly conversation.

It is a challenging task for any writer to present a good academic paper that is clear and effective, and which can be well received by the readers.

Academic writing is different from personal writing as this mode of writing follows its own set of rules and practices. In this format, ideas are usually organized in a formal order and are supported by references from academic literature.

Making a good research work on your chosen subject holds the key while writing your academic paper. Without proper research work, it will be very difficult to put your ideas and thoughts on paper about the subject.

We present here a blog for the benefit of people who are willing to learn the ways of writing an academic paper in a proper and effective manner. In this section, we will  discuss  some key points that you need to know while learning about academic writing.

Topics to be covered in this blog are:

  • What is Academic writing?
  • Structure of Academic writing
  • Different types of Academic writing
  • Features of Academic writing
  • 5 components of Academic writing
  • Tips for writing Academic paper
  • Academic writing v/s other forms of writing.

Let us discuss each of these above topics in detail.

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