Selenium 3.0 Training & Certification


This course enables you to master the complete Selenium 3.0 suite. It helps you gain an in-depth knowledge of concepts such as Selenium WebDriver, Web Elements Locating Techniques, Page Object Design Pattern, Framework designing. This course is designed keeping in mind the need of the various IT MNC and startups who are always looking for testing experts who have good knowledge on various aspects of Software Quality Assurance or Software Testing which is the most crucial part for the success of any project.

Who is the target audience?

Manual testers, Test Managers, Test Engineers, Software Developers, Engineers who want to learn Automation testing

Basic knowledge:

A person attending this training should have good knowledge of the following things:

 Conceptual understanding of Manual Testing – what is testing? types of Testing? how to write test cases? And many more.

 Basic Knowledge of Java and its object-oriented programming – if else statements, loops, etc.

 Basic knowledge of Automation Testing would be added advantage.

Module 1
  • What is Selenium?
  • Generations of Selenium?
  • An overview of components of Selenium Suite?   
  • Configuration and installation of Software’s
Module 2
  • Understanding the basics of Webdriver and Java Commands   
  • Introduction to Web Elements
  • Locator Technique
Module 3
  • What is validation
  • Examples on validating – title, elements, error messages
  • Handling Dynamic Web Elements
  • Introduction to Synchronization / Wait commands and its types   
  • Fluent wait
Module 4
  • Introduction to iframe (Inline Frame)
  • Using iFrame – index, name, id, web element etc
  • Handling Dynamic Web Elements
  • Understanding the use of Switch to commands   
  • Understanding advance selenium commands
Module 5
  • What is TestNG
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Steps to write a TestNG automation Scrips
  • What are reports in TestNG
  • What are reports in TestNG
  • Annotations, Hierarchy of Annotations
  • What is XML, Writing XML for TestNG
  • Executing various concepts of TestNG   
  • Xml based execution for executing suite
  • Capture Screenshots
Module 6
  • Using Selenium and TestNG it in Page Object Model
  • What is POM
  • Need for POM
  • Introduction to page class
  • Implementing POM with an example
Module 7
  • What is Framework
  • Types of Framework
  • Apache POI overview
  • Importing and exporting data to excel in Webdriver
  • Data Driven Framework – With Example
  • Keyword Driven Framework – With Example

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