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Create, Publish and Market “Photo” Coloring Books Online

Publish and Marketa.jpg

This course teaches the student how to create coloring books starting with selected photographs. Photographs are turned into color-able images using Adobe Photoshop. Once created, they are incorporated into a coloring book document and then are published onto Amazon’s CreateSpace “Print on Demand” website. CreateSpace integrates with Amazon-Kindle to allow the author to sell these coloring books online. You can also use CreateSpace to market your coloring books globally through book retailers they have built connections with.

Want to get your coloring books into major book chains like Barnes & Noble and Chapters Indigo? This course shows you how to do that too…I also provide through this course lectures that will assist you in marketing your coloring books to others. You will learn how to promote them online including through social media platforms, how to get your books listed with physical retailers, how to find prospects online and how to interact with customers to drive towards additional sales.

So if you like taking pictures, you like creating and having fun with it and you are not adverse to making some extra income from your creativity, this could become quite a good sideline “passive income” stream for you. So come check this course out.


What you will learn

By taking this course, you will learn:

  • How to create publishable coloring books from photos
  • How to publish your completed coloring books on Create Space
  • How to market your books through Amazon and Ingram Spark
  • Learn how to get your books onto shelves at major retailers like Barnes & Noble and Chapters Indigo


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Home Schooling – Is it Right for Your Family?

Home Schooling

The decision as to whether or not to home school your children is a difficult one to make. You obviously care for the well being of your children and have concerns about public education or about a current situation you are facing to have come so far as to read this introduction. I went through this decision process with my own children years ago and we became home schoolers for a number of years for our four children. They all went through this process.

It takes courage to take this on as a family lifestyle choice and you may feel like you are jumping into a completely unknown future by taking this step.

But you are not alone on this journey. The material you will obtain through this course will help you decide and will point you to additional sites, people and organizations out there that can assist you in becoming and operating successfully as a home schooling family.


What you will learn
  • At the end of this course, the parent will have more knowledge upon which to make the decision as to whether or not they might try home schooling their children
  • Parents will also have learned about resources available to them to support their home schooling efforts should they proceed in this direction

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An Introduction to the World of Stamp Collecting

Dan Grijzenhout.jpg

This is a course I really enjoyed creating as I have had a life-time love affair with collecting stamps. I started as a child of about 7 or 8 when my friend’s grandfather gave me a stock book with some stamps in it and I found they fascinated me. I had to learn all about them and my passion for it grew from there. I have now been collecting stamps for close to 55 years. I am not at it all the time but it is always there and I can open up my collection and spend time with it anytime I get the urge. I have found that in my younger years, I was voracious learning about this new world and I literally spent hundreds if not thousands of hours at it. As I aged and entered the business world, whenever I needed a release from work stresses or just some quiet time, my collection was there waiting for me to help me relax and soon all was right with the world again. As I got older with more leisure time available to me, it has been great fun for me to get back into it in a more serious way.

This course will teach you what I have learned about stamp collecting through my many years involved in this past-time. I’ll teach you how to get started on it as a beginner – learning the basics of it so you can do the right things to get started and know what to do. Next, I will teach you more advanced methods of collecting and teach you what more mature collectors do when spending time on their collections. And, lastly, I’ll teach you how you can turn this into a profitable business and make money at it if your interests lie in that direction.


What you will learn
  • Students will gain a solid initial grounding in how stamp collecting is done
  • Students will learn a lot about the world for which they are collecting stamps
  • Students will gain a great place to go to when they want to get away from the stresses of the day

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How to make Memory Wire Bracelets

How to make Memory Wire Bracelets.png

Thank you so much for picking up this quick report on how to make and sell one of a kind, memory wire bracelets FAST. This is the perfect project for someone who hasn’t made a piece of jewelry since their pre-school macaroni necklace Mother’s day gift. Once you have all of the pieces assembled for your bracelet, you can create a beautiful piece of art in just 10 minutes! This is a project that can be done while you are taking the train to work, camping out, having a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, or waiting for the kids to wake up. Just imagine, you can harvest your spare time and develop a part-time income at the same time!

After I made that first macaroni necklace for my mother, I was hooked on creating my own jewelry. I didn’t start selling my creations until college, and instead, made gifts for friends and family. Thirty years later, I’m still fitting in stolen minutes before my daughter wakes up so that I can create one of a kind pieces of jewelry.


What you will learn
  • Where to find your supplies inexpensively
  • How to make memory wire bracelets
  • How to price your finished product
  • Where to sell your bracelets and how much you should charge

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