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PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a popular open source general-purpose scripting language. Since it can be embedded into html, it finds high use in server-side web development. Because of this characteristic, it is on a webserver that PHP is generally run. The PHP runtime executes any PHP code in a requested file, most notably for creating either: a) dynamic web page content, or b) the dynamic images that are used on websites. A PHP developer’s job is among the sought-after ones globally. As a PHP developer increases skills in Drupal and Dynamic HTML (DHTML); the prospects go up substantially.

Simpliv, a platform for the widest range of learning in IT and non-IT areas, offers courses in PHP training for all levels. Here is a look at the three ultimate training tutorials from beginner to advanced:


  1. This course is a very practical one. It will show, by example, how to build a smart website with cookies, sessions, login authentication, MySQL integration, Object Oriented PHP and lots more. This course, aptly entitled “PHP For Dynamic Websites”, taught by a pair that has worked at Google and Microsoft; also offers you a good foundational understanding of web programming, not just PHP. The highlight of this course is that it teaches through examples. All that you need for getting started with PHP programming, this course will teach you.


This course will offer you very hands-on understanding of the ways of applying advanced constructs such as cookies, sessions and object-oriented programming correctly, mitigating basic web security risks by sanitizing and validating user input, building a robust login authentication system using MySQL to allow users to sign up and log into your site, and harnessing the power of programming to build intelligent, interactive and personalized websites.


  1. Learning SASS and SCSS couldn’t get any simpler! Any developer would have got frustrated at some or another point of time working on a CSS that works below par. It can result in total chaos, leading you to spend lots and lots of time doing repetitive tasks, the last thing you would want with the deadline looming. This course will give you understanding of the ways by which to carry out many tasks, which, when not done in an organized fashion, can lead to utter frustration. These include: setting up a SAAS project, understanding and applying SAAS nesting, using and applying the concept of Segmentation, integrating SAAS variables in to your work, understanding SCSS Mixins and SCSS Functions, creating your own Mixins, knowing and applying best practices, plus lots more!


  1. Want to sharpen your knowledge of the most popular backend program in the world? Simply take up this course from Simpliv on how to become a PHP specialist! This course, taught by Mark Lassoff, is aimed at at making PHP professionals out of anyone who is interested: new developers who want to add PHP to their tool arsenal, web designers who want to start writing code, teachers and students, or current developers who need to learn PHP.

Courses for everyone and anyone


On top of all these, Simpliv offers simply anything any learner wants to learn, no matter which subject or topic could interest her. This is part of its endeavor to take education to the remotest and deepest corners of the world, and completely divest it of its elitism! It believes that no matter whether you are a sultan or a civilian, a male or a female, or live in Europe or Africa, learning is something everyone should have access to. All its courses are designed to make a difference into people’s lives. They are incredibly low priced, are taught by some of the best experts, and are certified. What else would one want from an online video library platform!

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