OMG 1000+ followers on WordPress!! Special Thank you everyone, from Simpliv online learning platform!


Simpliv reaches a true OMG moment! It has 1K followers on WordPress!! Reaching the milestone of 1000 followers on WordPress is something that many learning platforms work hard to achieve, but it has been easy for Simpliv. This is because Simpliv is different!

Simpliv doesn’t run behind profits or scrounge the elite. In fact, it is built on the philosophy of eliminating these labels from education. It wants to make a place for itself under the sun by being a platform that is completely free of barriers to education. You could belong to either gender, or you could be placed in any location from Africa to Australia. Simpliv doesn’t consider these as obstructions in its path of imparting education.

Courses for anyone and everyone!

1000 followers on WordPress!! Special Thank you everyone, from Simpliv online learning platform!.jpg

Its aim is to make courses available to anyone who wants to learn. A trending course does not mean much to Simpliv, because it doesn’t believe that one has to only teach courses that are in demand. Its thinking is this: why should the learner take up a course against her wishes only because someone else is doing it? Does photography give you the kicks? No problem. Simpliv has plenty of courses on this topic.

Do you want to explore how acupuncture works for some ailments? Do you want to help someone with psychotherapy? Or, do you want to improve your presentation skills? What if you want to sharpen your Java or machine learning knowledge? Simpliv has enough and more for each of you!

Learning is for those who want to learn

1000 followers on WordPress!! Special Thank you everyone, from Simpliv online learning platform!a.png

Simpliv has been conceived to make learning simple and accessible to anyone. It expects only one quality though: the willingness to learn! Anyone who wants to augment knowledge can come to Simpliv. Its courses are meant for just any person with the desire to learn.

With courses that are certified, you will go a long way. They are not just for spending your weekend or developing a hobby. These certified courses actually help you further your career. So, what is the harm in spending the $10 to $12 that it costs on average for these courses, when you can stay ahead in your profession and your life?

Did we tell you about our experts? Simpliv has handpicked a number of well-known experts who bring expertise in their respective areas. They are popular in the field of online teaching globally. So, what more could one expect from an online learning platform?

This is only the beginning for us

We know how much you have valued us. The fact that 1000 of you have become our followers on WordPress is a shining credential of that fact. But then, wonderful as these compliments are; they do not give room for Simpliv to relax. It believes that this is just the start of its long association with learners from across the world who will value and respect its courses.

Once again, thanks to all of you! We are pleased and honored to see our popularity soar with our community. We can assure you our continued, high quality products -the reason that has led us to write this message -to you at all times!


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