10 Reasons why you should learn Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the way people think, learn, and work in various fields, from finance to healthcare and mobile apps. What’s more interesting is that AI plays more role in our daily lives than we can imagine. From Siri and Ok Google to various virtual player games and social media apps, AI is everywhere. It sure is the most happening topic in every business right now. It is the most wanted and exciting career domain right now in the market. Let us know what Artificial Intelligence is.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence ( ) uses intelligent machines built in a way that they react like humans. The primary process involved in making these smart machines is to carry out decision making, which analysis and uses data available in an enterprise. It is similar to the human mind absorbing and synthesizing information and providing with the required decision.

1. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare industry:

We are now in a digital age where everything could be implemented with the help of technology and Internet. Nowadays we get to see that a doctor can monitor and diagnose a patient from a remote location. This has reduced the necessity of being in person. Image the same way where the patient’s health condition is checked against predefined medications and algorithms prescribing a solution to the doctor. This would be a great success in the entire Healthcare industry. The current healthcare industry is completely dependant on the doctor’s sole knowledge and no supporting decision-making system is available to advise the treatments or the medication. It is completely coming up from the Doctor’s experience and decision. Imagine a condition where all the patient vitals and health records are pre-analyzed and a personalized treatment plan is produced for the doctor to review will change the entire treatment process.

2. Artificial Intelligence in responding to your emails:

If you have been using Gmail’s latest mobile application then responding to your emails would have been really easy and also exciting. So based on your email content, a predefined answer are already pre-populated as tags for you while responding back to the email. The latest version of Gmail mobile application has drastically reduced the turnaround time in terms of responding an email back. So the mobile applications are evaluating the emails now and giving us appropriate suggestions while writing back to the sender. Well, the possibilities are limitless and more importantly endless. So we got to wait for the future and see how it is going to affect the human interventions. The above list is a general observation of how Artificial Intelligence is already taking up its baby steps and improving the current processes. Well, the limitations are endless and one needs to understand to what extent it can be helpful. Involving and rebuilding the process by implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning will be definitely the future and it makes sense to build the skill in this arena. A lot of possibilities are available where the implementations are not specific to an industry but this can be generalized.

3. Artificial Intelligence In Mobile World:

The smartphone nowadays is not only considered as a communication device anymore it can be called as your digital wallet and much more than that, even we can classify them as your personal assistants. Well, speaking about personal assistants, it is worth mentioning about “Siri”. It is one of the best examples of proper utilization of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. So based on your habits and interests “Siri” will be able to answer all your questions and provide valuable suggestions. This is already happening and this is the start of next wave of technology utilization. We have seen days where mobile devices didn’t have touchscreens and now we are in a digital age where the majority of the devices are touch screens. The next age of mobiles will be working on the voice commands which is nothing but “Siri”. This change will be huge and it will completely change the way people are using their mobile phones at the moment.

4. Artificial Intelligence in Smart Home Devices:

Based on your preferences what if your home environment is changed from time to time. Wondering whether this is possible or not? Well, it is definitely possible. In past few years, we have seen a lot of smart devices coming up in the market which works in line with our preferences. So basically based on your preferred patterns, the lighting in the house and temperature of the refrigerator and other household devices can definitely be monitored and eventually project optimum utilization settings as well. All of this is happening because of underlying machine learning and Artificial Intelligence built into these devices.

5. Artificial Intelligence in Automobile Industry:

If you are updated with the latest technology happenings then you wouldn’t have missed this at all. The concept of self-driving cars and autopilot features are in the news lately and big players like “Google” and “Tesla” are already in this arena. Have you ever imagined that you will be traveling in a car which doesn’t need a driver to take you from point A to point B. Well, this is not at all a dream anymore, a lot of test runs have gone through were the concept cars going to hit the road soon. This is definitely going to be the future in the automobile industry. A lot more research and development needs to happen within this area as we have to consider the safety and security aspect of the passengers. Well, we have to just wait and watch what is going to happen.

6. Artificial Intelligence in Music and Movie Recommendation services:

Who doesn’t like watching movies and listening to music right?
What if your next song or movie is recommended to you by a system based on your interests and browsing history? This would be pretty cool right!!!
Well, they are already few mobile applications that understand your choice of music and movies and recommend the same genre as a suggestion. This has been a massive success in terms of sales and promotions of various brands because the target market is available for the brands. The ads that you have seen on your browsers are also based on your previous activities. All of your activities are analyzed and a chain of recommendations are provided. With the help of the recommendations, it will definitely help the individuals to explore new options.

7. Artificial Intelligence in Retail industry:

This is going to be a huge game changer for all the retail companies because if they understand the purchase pattern and the requirements of their customers, they will definitely have to tailor their process to be the market leader. The Artificial Intelligence concept comes into the picture when the buying patterns are analyzed and understands the needs of the customer. The retail industry can gain huge profits by properly analyzing the customer needs vs buying the pattern and based on the consumption if the system could suggest:
Relevant coupons
Promote discounted offerings
Targeted marketing
Stocking the warehouses etc.

All of these subprocesses with definitely be improved and to be honest it will help the customer a lot. As of now, we are going towards a clash where the businesses are legally obligated that they are invading an individual privacy by closely evaluating their buying pattern and the products that they buy. In certain parts of the world, Amazon has started an offer called “Pantry” where they can select few products as essentials and they are automatically delivered to you on a periodic basis. Well, this is a perfect example for introducing the Artificial Intelligence into the process where a better operational and stocking activities are carried out.

8. Artificial Intelligence in Security Surveillance:

Safety and security are the important aspects and the basic needs of an individual or for an organization. The surveillance setup, i.e. security cameras monitoring important areas of the business is definitely a better idea. But watching too many screens for a very long time will be a boring job and ultimately we lose the option of attending the emergencies when there is a need. So what if there are predefined algorithms that are fed into the security cameras and make them more powerful. Based on the surveillance and the activities the system would be able to analyze and let us know whether the situation is actually a threat or not.  If it is a threat then it would immediately alert the human security officials associated with the business. If this sort of technology advancements are available right now then it would have made a positive impact on the security of the individuals and operationally the situation will be handled more efficiently.

9. Artificial Intelligence in Fraud Detection:

The fraud detection activity monitoring systems are actually a boom to the human kind where their money is protected by evaluating the transactions that they make. Have you ever received an email or a text message from your bank confirming the recent transaction activity was actually made by you or was it someone else who got hold of your card. Well, most of this transaction monitoring is carried out by the fraud detection team which is powered by AI. The transaction patterns of the individual, the usual withdrawal amount from the ATM and the frequency of the account logins. All of this data is stored and analyzed for suspicious activity.  For example: if you have never used your ATM card for years and all of a sudden you have started withdrawing money from your card then this would be definitely flagged as a fraud alert by the system. So the AI algorithms are developed by considering different scenarios and situations which will ultimately alert the users to be cautious about their belongings. The same technique can be expanded and further used in other industries as well.

10. Artificial Intelligence in Online Customer Support

Nowadays every business has a website for sure because it has been a need vs a luxury. With the rapid use of smartphones and internet, it has been evident that most of the customers are tending to get information via online interactions rather than phone interactions. So most of the websites have an online chat system which responds to your queries. Do you think that a real human is responding back to your queries all the time? Well, not all the time. To make sure the business is live and active 24/7 days businesses are opting for automated bots which actually does the same job as of a human. The responses are based on the content available on the website and the same is fed back to the customer based on his or her request. Well, this process is gaining more and more acceptance and the underlying logic is also going through a makeover where it can accommodate more requests and provide more accurate information. All of this is happening because of the rapid development of Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Rising Opportunities

Indeed reports that the number of AI-related job opportunities outranked the number of searches for AI engineer jobs. With increasing opportunities and using Artificial Intelligence in each sphere of life, the learning of this technology is more beneficial than we all think.

Some Resources to learn Artificial Intelligence

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7 Reasons Why You Should Learn Cyber Security

In the present scenario, Cyber Security is becoming one of the finest options to begin your career with. The prime reason is the growing demand of the experts across the globe since last few years. It is one of the Information Technology domains which are becoming more and more challenging. Due to the rapidly increasing cyber attacks across the globe, organizations are looking for the experts who can help them in tackling the same. Another fact is cyber security is a challenging domain and needs a lot of expertise for the professionals in order to eliminate attacks that are unauthorized in nature. Well, these are not the only reason that why Cyber Security has come up with excellent scope in recent years. There are of course, several other reasons too. Here is the list of top 7 reasons why you should learn cyber security this year.

In the current scenario, Cyber Security jobs are one of the most in-demand jobs to begin your career with. The Cyber Security industry has seen potential growth in the last few years and has created promising employment opportunities. Due to rapid and frequent cyber attacks across the globe, business, organizations and governments are looking for Cyber Security professionals that can prevent cyber attacks and tackle the existing ones. As a matter of fact, the need for Cyber Security professionals has outpaced the number of applicants. This makes it a career worth considering. Whether you have ever considered a career in cyber security or not, we have collected some of the most compelling reasons to think about getting involved in cyber security. So, put away your preconceptions and take a look at our list below. Cyber security is a fascinating profession, one that will put you at the heart of the technology that powers our modern world. From emulating hackers and building more secure applications to playing digital Sherlock Holmes and reconstructing crimes, cybersecurity covers a whole range of rewarding roles.

Throw away all your preconceptions of what a job in cyber security is like and ignore the usual Hollywood stereotype. Instead, focus on these seven reasons why cyber security will make a brilliant career choice:

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should learn Cyber Security

1. Good Salary Packages

Who doesn’t want a good salary package? Almost everyone and getting a good salary doesn’t hurt.

When it comes to building a career in Cyber Security, experience and knowledge are a must, however, starting a career with a good salary package is also a dream of many.

Therefore, a simple rule of demand and supply has been applied here. The demand for Cyber Security professionals is increasing day by day while the supply is considerably less.

So, employers are ready to pay higher salaries to Cyber Security professionals. This yet another reason why you should go ahead and learn Cyber Security.

As a coin has two sides, the world is filled with two kinds of people. One who uses internet optimally and positively to make the world a better place in terms of technology.

On the other hand, there are those who want to harm others by taking undue advantage of the internet.

Thus, to prevent themselves from online and cyber attacks, businesses and governments are looking for experts who can protect their systems from cyber criminals and hire the best human resource, they are willing to pay more.

By being a skilled Cyber Security professional with high demand, you can also negotiate your salary with any employer.

An increased Cyber Security demand has proved to be profitable for a lot of aspirants who had or have an interest in cyberspace.

Since the gap between the demand and supply of Cyber Security professionals is high, it has led to a higher pay rate for Cyber Security professionals.

2. Skills that no one knows

Cyber Security is a domain that simply introduces you with the skills that no one else can easily acquire. It is because of this reason also any young minds are paying a lot of attention o building career in this domain.

* White hat cyber security experts are familiar with many concepts about the network and other security which are very interesting to know
* They can simply make sure that professionals work with full satisfaction and have someone new to work on each day
* The job of a cyber security expert is not much complex but there is a lot to learn about the core networking, network security and so on
* Many professionals have already grabbed some of the best paying jobs because of no other reason than the skills they have acquired with time
* Professionals can easily learn the working of a number of gadgets and is thus a useful domain for those who have interest in this.

3. High Demand for Cyber Security Experts

The use of the Internet has increased considerably over the past decade. From ordering food to shopping, everything has become online.

While on one hand, this technological revolution has proved to be a boon, on the other hand, the internet has become more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

This has indeed created an infinite need for Cyber Security to prevent the web from online fraud and crime.

With technological advancement in the internet space, Cyber Security has become one of the most lucrative career options today and the demand for Cyber Security professionals is increasing day by day.

The demand for Cyber Security professionals is so high that they are getting hired at 12 times the rate than the rest of the related jobs and this is why you should learn Cyber Security.

Adding to the facts, the global demand for Cyber Security professionals is expected to rise to 6 million by the end of 2019 and a shortage of 1.5 million Cyber Security is expected to be witnessed.

4. Cyber Security is an Evergreen Industry

Gone were the days when Cyber Security was not a big deal. Today, in this ever-evolving technology era, the internet has become a priority for a majority of people.

Internet helps them to take care of their daily needs whether personal or professional. However, hackers across the world are simultaneously using the internet to fulfil their needs but in an unethical manner.

As cyber attacks are getting more prevalent these days, a continuous need for Cyber Security experts is also increasing. As a result of this, the job profile of a Cyber Security professional has become more stable than before.

You might be thinking that it is difficult to learn Cyber Security & cope up with the updates and trends of Cyber Security.

But the point is that there is nothing much that has changed in the Cyber Security domain, hence, you can easily begin your career as a Cyber Security professional.

5. Unlimited Career Growth Options

Cyber Security is expanding its horizon through various industries. This makes sure that is a perfect platform for growth in terms of career as well as learning opportunities.

These days, cyber attacks are getting smarter and faster. This arises the need for Cyber Security professionals to outsmart the hackers at a much more faster pace.

Businesses and governments are dependent on them for analysing & minimizing risk along with combating cyber attacks and preventing all types of vulnerabilities.

Tackling the cyber attacks are an outcome of continuous study, comprehensive research & optimal execution.

This proves that when you learn Cyber Security, you will be continuously knowing new things and gaining rich experience which is an add-on to your skill set.

6. Opportunities to work with High Profile Agencies

One of the best things about being a Cyber Security professional is that your chances of working with some of the biggest companies at many top positions in the world increases.

There is no restriction on the number of the organization that you can work with.

The demand for Cyber Security professionals has considerably increased across the globe. Thus, geographical hindrance is automatically cleared.

It has to be noted that the potential does not end here, experts in Cyber Security might also get the chance to work with some of the top-notch secret government & intelligence agencies like NSA, CBI etc along with Central Intelligence Agency, Department of Defense & various banks.

Sounds cool, isn’t it!

7. Learn “White-Hat” Hacking

With the expansion of Digitalization, internet marketing has become the first preference for almost everyone.

While on the positive side, it has created profitable opportunities for advertisers and marketers while providing promising career opportunities to a lot of people.

On the negative front, there has been an increase in the number of cyber crimes and attacks.

During the tenure of your Cyber Security certification, you will also get a chance to learn “white-hat” hacking.

If you learn Cyber Security & hacking, you will not only help yourself in building the right skill set but will also initiate an elevation in your resume value. This will make you the most wanted candidate from the employer’s point of view.

Useful Resources to Learn Cyber Security:

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That’s all about the top 7 reasons why you should learn Cyber Security. There might be other reasons too but these are the best ones to consider it. Presently many colleges and universities are there which offer best programs for those who want to be a cyber security expert in future. It’s not just flexibility in this domain that is helping learners to keep up the pace but there are many other reasons too.

15 Reasons Why You Need To Learn Data Science

Data Science has been hailed as the “sexiest job of 21st Century” by Harvard Business Review. But what makes Data Science so important? Why are Data Scientists some of the highly paid professionals? And most importantly, why learn Data Science? In this article, we will walk through some of the main reasons as to why Data Science has become the most sought after job in the market. We will understand the requirements of companies and why they need Data Scientists to boost their performance.

Data Science.png

The topmost IT employment of the moment is Data Scientist. Data science is a very sought after course to learn. Data science has created so much hype in the world of IT sectors that from big to small companies all are now hiring employees who have knowledge regarding this subject. Data science helps an employee to understand data and then synthesize it in a proper way so that they can communicate in a better way which is beneficial for the companies. Data analytic which is a part of data science is taking over the market very quickly. Employers are looking for employees who can work well with data. This makes job hunting easier.
Data scientists are very in demand in the job market. Learning data science will increase your chances of getting a better job.
Salary of data scientists is very good. Their salaries are generally in the six figures digit.
 There are many job titles that are there for a data science professional.
Learning data science does not mean that you will be a data scientist only. There is the option of being Data science manager as well. This post also has lucrative salary options.
Availability of work in any part of the world. Data science professionals can work from anywhere they want. Also, they are employed in various other industries other than IT industry like health care and marketing.
Big data analytics is a part of data science and it is everywhere dominating the job market.
There is a variety of data science undergraduate majors which is useful for the students. And there is the availability of many educational options.
Also, there is very less competition in this field since it is a comparatively new field of study so job opportunities are more.
Data science gives you options for freelancing options.
You can develop your revenue streams.

Reasons to Learn Data Science

There is a shortage of data scientist in the market but the market for them is increasing day by day. This is why learning data science has been very crucial now.  These are the top 15 reasons why you should learn data science.

1. The demand of Data scientists in the job market

Companies have realized that they should hire professionals who have the capacity to gather, interpret and use data in a comprehensive manner so that it is beneficial to the company. The demand for a data scientist is increasing day by day since there are very few professionals in this field. Learning data science gives you the opportunity of getting a very good job in this market where they are very much needed at this moment.

2. The salary of data science professionals is very good

Survives have been done which shows that the salary range of a data scientist in the USA is $ 104,000 to $ 153,750 per year. This salary range variation depends upon the category of a contribution they make to the company. The basic salary of a level one data science contributor is $ 97,000 and that of a level 3 data science contributor is $ 152,000. Apart from these, they also get an additional bonus that starts from $ 10,000 for the level 1 contributor and to a much higher range for the level 3 contributors.
Disclaimer – The above-mentioned salary figures are not the same everywhere as they vary with locations.

3. Data Science can make the World a Better Place

Big Data & Data Science is beyond being a tool of Business Intelligence. Various philanthropic and social organizations are using data to create products for social good. Also, various health-care organizations are using data for helping doctors to have better insights about their patient’s health.

In this section, we will go through various examples where companies are using data for social good. This will help you to develop inspiration to learn Data Science as a tool for enriching the lives of people.

4. Many types of job posts are available when you are good in data science

Studying Data science means that are a number of job options that are available for you. Big data analytics is a part of data science which has a very good market. There are many job titles which are offered by big companies like IBM, Oracle, Opera and many more if you are fluent in this particular field. Your job possibilities increase if you learn data science. These are some of the job posts available for a data science student.
  • Data analyst
  • Data engineer
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data science generalist

5. An option of being a data science manager

Being a data science student can clear the option of being a data science manager. It has been seen that the salaries of data science managers are almost equal to or more than doctors. Data Science managers who are level 1 earn up to $ 140,000 per year. The level 2 professionals earn $ 190,000 annually whereas level 3 professionals earn $ 250, 00 per year. This amount is more than what a psychiatrist, an internal medicine doctor or a pediatrician earn.

6. Pick Your Job Title

As a data scientist, you won’t just be collecting data. You will be turning unstructured data into structured data, then analyzing it. This is different than what is required from those in traditional data and quantitative management positions.

Possible job titles for a data scientist include:

  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Data Architect
  • Business Intelligence Specialist

Some of those sound pretty cool, right?

7. You can work anywhere in the world.

If you become a data science professional then you can work in any part of the world. In the USA, almost 43% of the professionals work on the West coast while almost 28% of them are in the Northeast. These professionals are employed in every region of the country and also aboard. But it has been since that the highest form of salary in this field is in the west coast of USA.
Data scientists apart from working in the technology industry they also get employed in other important industries like healthcare, financial sectors, and marketing. They also impart their wisdom to various consulting firms, CPG industries and also retails.

8. An option of being a big data analytics

The need and use of data analytics in every job sector of industry are growing more and more. Using big data analyst in companies is as important as using computers in workplaces. For companies three things are most important that include brand advertising, customer management, and big data analytics. Every data science student has a great future in the industry since this need will keep on increasing that will increase job opportunities.

 9. Every Organization Needs One

There isn’t a sector that hasn’t been touched by big data and analytics. The demand for data scientists continues to grow because more markets are realizing the value they add to an organization.

Companies continue to use customer data to personalize experiences. The ability to recommend items based on previous purchases and customers’ needs is invaluable to today’s organizations.

10. Variety of Undergraduate majors and education options

Data science is a relatively new subject. This is one subject that has its origin from various other subjects that include statistics or mathematics, computer science and engineering and also natural science. It has been seen that many data scientists have their degree in social science, economics, medical science, and even business.
Also, learning data science does not mean that you have sat in a classroom all day. You can learn this online as well as your own convenient time.

11. The competition in this field is less

There is a shortage of data science professionals in every sector of the industry. Not only this, professionals who come other fields do not want to fill the shoe of a data scientist. It has been from many research studies that employers are in the hunt of finance and accounting employees who have the capability of mining and extracting data, good at data analysis and statistical modeling and also apt in identifying key data trends. But unfortunately, most of the finance and accounting employees do not possess these qualities since generally, people do not tend to learn data science. This is the reason why competition is less in this field making it easier to find a job provided that the salary of these types of jobs are usually pretty handsome.

12. Improve Your Problem-Solving Skills

In order to be a successful data scientist, you should have the desire to dig up a problem, find the questions at its center, and develop testable theories to solve it.

If you have an intense curiosity, chances are you’ll be successful in a career that is based on data science.

13. The option of freelancing opportunities.

In the future, it is quite obvious that a major quantity of workforce will not be tied to only one employer. It is a wise option to find different sources of income and ways of working so that they can have a perfect balance in life. If you are a data science enthusiast that means you will be well known about the trends, number, and data. This will help you in becoming a freelancer or consultant for many big firms. These kinds of jobs pay a good amount. Data science is mainly an IT based job that can be done from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer in front of you.

14. The opportunity of developing new streams of revenue

When you are learning data science you will have the ability to analyze and use good data information to good use. Also, you will be able to identify unexploited and new streams of revenue generation. If you want to lead a lavish lifestyle by increasing your earning then this is the best way to do so. The competition is not very high right now so this is not an impossible work to do.

15. Job Security

Not only is it easy to get a job as a data scientist with the right skills now, but you won’t have to worry about getting a job in the future.

To choose to be a data scientist is choosing job security. The rise in big data and analytics isn’t going anywhere, and companies will continue to seek professionals who understand it.


Statistics and researches do not lie. It has been seen that data science learning is a growing trend now because this field now offers numerous amount of job positions if you are fluent in this field. Also, data science is a relatively new field in the industry so there is less competition. Less competition means an increase in demand for job facilities. A Job position in this field offers a good amount of salary as well. Learning Data science opens the door of job options in various fields like health care and finance as well. These are the advantages of data science learning.

we learn that Data Science has transformed our society. Data Science gives meaning to data. It converts crude data into meaningful products that can be used by industries to generate insights and recognize market trends. With a dearth in the supply of specialized Data Scientists and a rapid increase in demand, there is a huge income bubble that has made Data Science a lucrative career. Here we conclude that learning Data Science is the hour of need and we must be data-literate to take up jobs of the future. Check how to become a data scientist.

Hope this article helped you to find out the reasons to start learning Data Science. Still any doubt? Drop a comment to us.

9 Reasons Why You Should Keep Learning Machine Learning

Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence. It allows software applications to become accurate in predicting outcomes. Machine Learning focuses on the development of computer programs, and the primary aim is to allow computers to learn automatically without human intervention.

Google says “Machine Learning is the future,” and the future of Machine Learning is going to be very bright. As humans become more addicted to machines, we’re witnesses to a new revolution that’s taking over the world, and that is going to be the future of Machine Learning.

More online businesses are integrating machine learning into their operations, with the bigger and established ones trailblazing the revolution.

Machine learning has brought myriad opportunities and improved strategies to help business owners foster customer relationships and get more profit and conversions.

If you haven’t fully leveraged the power of machine learning in your business, let me give you five reasons why you should do so now.

1. Machine learning helps increase your efficiency.

Can you imagine buying from the grocery store without having to wait in line to pay for your goods?

If you can’t, then you’d better prepared because that is now a reality.

Amazon, for one, has applied machine learning to make grocery shopping ultra-efficient for your customers through computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning algorithms.

Using the Amazon Go app, customers only need to open it, scan the QR code when they enter, pick their items, and confidently walk out of the store.

Amazon Go detects the items they take out from the shelves, automatically adds them into their virtual carts, and charges the bill into their Amazon accounts when they leave.

Such is a classic example of how machine learning can increase the efficiency of your business operations and processes, and help your customers, too.

While you can use pre-built machine learning technologies, you can also master how to develop them yourself.

The concept may sound complicated, but through the right machine learning course, you can invest in building machine learning technologies that suit your specific business needs.

2. You can understand your customers better.

Since the launch of automation, businesses have embraced customer-centeredness.

If you want to maintain a competitive edge over other businesses, you need to know what your customers need and give it to them.

If you fail to do so, you can lose your potential customers to your competitors.

Here is where machine learning plays a critical role.

Machine learning can analyze and organize patterns, trends, and data about your customers’ demographic profiles, choices and preferences, behaviors, and others.

Machine learning can get these data from online tools and mechanisms that you use, such as emails collected from sign-ups.

Such ability by machine learning enables you to know and understand your customers more quickly.

For instance, for your advertising campaigns on Google Adsense or other channels to be effective, they should be deeply targeted according to the mentioned data.

The more accurately you can understand your customers and their needs and wants, the more sharply you can target your ads.

3. You can personalize your marketing campaigns.

When customers feel that your offers are accurately aligned with their preferences — or personalized — they are more likely to patronize your business.

The question now becomes, how do you personalize your campaigns and customer shopping experience?

The answer is by using machine learning to build them based on the data gathered and analyzed, just like Flybits does.

Flybits is a context-as-a-service product that helps businesses provide hyper-personalized digital content and experiences for your customers.

With its easy user interface, your digital marketers can easily and instantly access internal and external data through cloud synchronization.

Its real-time mobile analytics allow you to customize your content and campaigns for your customers according to their location, weather, and others.

What’s more, Flybits ensures your customers’ data are safe and kept confidential. Your customers retain full ownership over their data as well.

Personalized campaigns are influential in increasing your conversions and sales, and machine learning help you create them.

4. Machine learning recommends products to your customers.

In line with personalizing your campaigns, machine learning can recommend products similar to what you previously viewed, purchased, or added to your cart.

Amazon is one company that uses machine learning to recommend similar products.

Machine learning picks up on the features of the items you previously searched, viewed, or bought, and creates algorithms from those data.

Amazon then personalizes its recommendations to you by stating your name and showing similar items.

It can also recommend to you similar items that other customers viewed or bought.

Let’s say you clicked on some Omine grey loafer sneakers.

Machine learning notes the features of the shoes, such as color, size, and style, and then shows you what other customers also bought.

In this way, they leverage social proof and fear of missing out (FOMO) to entice you to consider buying what other customers also liked (besides widening your range of options).

That said, machine learning helps you improve your sales and conversions significantly.

5. Machine learning helps to detect fraud.

The convenience that online payment systems offer, especially through mobile applications, has attracted both customers and businesses to transact and purchase online.

However, transmitting money online has also attracted cybercriminals and given them opportunities to execute fraudulent attacks.

Some businesses have implemented different cybersecurity measures but find that they need more to stop fraud.

If you’re experiencing the same problem, there’s fortunate news for you. Machine learning can now help strengthen businesses’ fraud detection system.

For instance, PayPal uses machine-learning mechanisms to catch suspicious and shady transactions and separate them from legitimate ones.

Machine learning further assists you by inspecting specific attributes among your data and develop standards as the basis for examining each transaction.

Machine learning, therefore, helps prevent malicious transactions from taking place even before you can complete them.

6) Learning machine learning brings in better career opportunities

According to a Tractica Report, AI driven services were worth $1.9 billion in 2016 and are anticipated to rise to $2.7 billion by end of 2017 of which 23% of the revenue comes through machine learning technology.

A report from TMR mentions that MLaaS (Machine learning as a Service) is expected to grow from $1.07 billion in 2016 to $19.9 billion by end of 2025.

Machine learning is the shining star of the moment. With every industry looking to apply AI in their domain, studying machine learning opens world of opportunities to develop cutting edge machine learning applications in various verticals – such as cyber security, image recognition, medicine, or face recognition. With several machine learning companies on the verge of hiring skilled ML engineers, it is becoming the brain behind business intelligence. Netflix announced prize worth $1 million to the first individual who could enhance the accuracy of its recommendation ML algorithm by 10%. This is a clear evidence on how significant even a slight enhancement is in the accuracy of recommendation machine learning algorithms to improve the profitability of Netflix. Every customer- centric organization is looking to adopt machine learning technology and is the next big thing paving opportunities for IT professionals. Machine learning algorithms have become the darlings of business and consumers so if you want to put yourselves somewhere in the upper echelon of software engineers then this is the best time to learn ML.

7) Machine Learning Engineers earn a pretty penny

The cost of a top, world-class machine learning expert can be related to that of a top NFL quarterback prospect. According to SimplyHired.com, the average machine learning engineer salary is $142,000.An experienced machine learning engineer can earn up to $195, 752.

8)  Machine Learning Jobs on the rise

You need a special kind of person to build a hammer, but once you build it, you can give it to many people who will use it to build a house.”

The major hiring is happening in all top tech companies in search of those special kind of people (machine learning engineers) who can build a hammer (machine learning algorithms). The job market for machine learning engineers is not just hot but it’s sizzling.

According to the popular job portal Indeed, the number of open machine learning jobs have been steadily rising from 2014 to  the onset of 2016, from 60 job postings per million to more than 100. The number of job postings jumped up to 150 postings per million by end of 2016. Indeed job trends report also reveals that the number of machine learning engineer job postings outstrip the number of searches for machine learning jobs – 100 million searches vs. 150 job postings.

A recent survey on the Indian job market found that there is a requirements of 4000 machine learning engineers in Bengaluru alone.

Here is a snapshot of the total number of machine learning jobs in US for IT professionals as of November 13, 2017 –

Machine Learning Engineer Jobs Positions on Glassdoor.com – 12000+

9) Machine learning is linked directly to Data Science

Machine learning appears as a shadow of data science. Machine learning career endows you with two hats, one is for a machine learning engineer job and the other is for a data scientist job. Becoming competent in both the fields makes an individual a hot commodity to most of the employers. It means that you can analyse tons of data, extract value and glean insight from it, and later make use of that information to train a machine learning model to predict results. In many organizations, a machine learning engineer often partners with a data scientist for better synchronization of work products. Furthermore, data scientist has been voted the Sexiest Job of 21st Century so one can get started as a data scientist specializing in Machine Learning and become more desirable to employers.

If these reasons ring a bell then you might be interested to get your start in machine learning career right now.

Are you ready to learn machine learning and land your dream job at one of the top tech companies? Share your personal approach, knowledge, and strategy in the comments below. Everyone has a different take on machine learning, and we want to know your thoughts.

Future of Machine Learning

Machine Learning can be a competitive advantage to any company be it a top MNC or a startup as things that are currently being done manually will be done tomorrow by machines. Machine Learning revolution will stay with us for long and so will be the future of Machine Learning.

Resources to learn Machine Learning

Learn Artificial Intelligence for Beginners

Machine Learning In The Cloud With Azure Machine Learning

Machine Learning Python: Regression Modeling


Machine Learning with AWS

Machine Learning from scratch through Python

Machine Learning and Training Neural Network in MATLAB

Practical Deep Learning: Image Search Engine


Machine Learning and Data Science using Python for Beginners

Machine Learning using R and Python

Machine Learning Adv: Support Vector Machines (SVM) Python


We have studied the future and the algorithms of Machine Learning. Along with that, we have studied its application, which will help you deal with real life. Furthermore, if you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comments section.



7 Reasons Why You Should Keep Learning AWS

7 Reasons Why You Should Keep Learning AWS

Why should I learn AWS?

Cloud computing is taking the tech world by storm and so is the need to learn cloud computing. The only thing certain in IT today is that it’s never too late to cash in on the cloud. The demand curve for cloud skills will only grow at a rapid pace as cloud becomes critical to IT and businesses at large. According to Forbes, the spending on public cloud services is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 19.4% from $70B in 2015 to more than $141B in 2019. AWS generated a revenue of $5.44 billion in first quarter of 2018, 49% increase year-on-year. With Fortune 500 companies and institutions like NASA, General Electrics, Netflix, IMDb, AirBnB, to name a few extensively using AWS cloud computing services- AWS is the leader in the cloud computing market growing at a breakneck pace.

Still not convinced if AWS is for you? This blog will give you the top 7 reasons to learn AWS and help you understand why should you pursue AWS careers.

Reasons to Learn AWS

1) AWS -Fastest Growing Public Cloud in the World

AWS was officially launched in 2006 and there were around 180,000 developers on the platform by 2007. By 2015, AWS revenue was $6Billion USD per annum and since then revenues have doubled and are growing at an exponential rate .AWS enjoys the advantage of 7 year head start before facing like-minded competition, and since then the team has never slowed down. AWS is continuously boosting its growth every quarter. AWS expanded by 42% in third quarter of 2017 which increased to 45% in fourth quarter and then  49% in first quarter of 2018. The fastest growing AWS products used by customers include data crunching tool Amazon EMR (Elastic MapReduce) growing at a compound annual growth rate of 24% , network monitoring offering Amazon CloudWatch growing at a compound annual growth rate of 23%, and serverless product AWS Lambda growing at a compound annual growth rate of 18%. Considering AWS’ huge lead, if the current trends continue, we are likely to witness remarkable acceleration in AWS growth in future.

Want to pass the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Exam? Want to become Amazon Web Services Certified? Check Out this AWS Training!

2) Increased Enterprise Cloud Migration to AWS

It is not only small organizations migrating to the cloud, even commercial enterprises are migrating to the cloud at a rapid pace. According to a report from McKinsey’s Silicon Valley group, 77% companies were dependent on traditional IT infrastructure till 2015 but with large enterprise migrating to cloud-based infrastructure, the number is expected to drop down to 43% in 2018. Organizations migrating their services and applications to the cloud are confronted with multiple challenges and roadblocks. The cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, Google offer several automated features but migration is not one of them. This implies that organizations have to depend on customised, professional services from providers. There is an increasing demand for cloud professionals who can oversee migration projects in a secure and organised manner. This requires professionals to have in-depth knowledge of any chosen cloud platform like AWS. Becoming a certified AWS solutions architect will endow you with the entire process of shifting from an existing on-premise application to AWS cloud.

3) AWS Careers Pay Top Money

AWS Certified Solutions Architects -Associate professionals earn an average salary of $121,292, over $13,000 higher than the average salary of top 15 IT certified professionals. The salaries for AWS skills in premium areas like Austin, San Francisco, Washington, or Boston are 25% higher than usual. According to PayScale, non-architect related AWS cloud jobs garner comparatively lower pay checks over architect jobs. The best-paid positions that can help professionals make the most money from their cloud jobs is –

  • AWS Enterprise Cloud Architect –$138,051
  • AWS Senior Cloud Solutions Architect -$132,092

Top Paying AWS Skills According to Indeed.com

AWS Skill Salary
DynamoDB $141,813
Elastic MapReduce (EMR) $136,250
CloudFormation $132,308
Elastic Cache $125,625
CloudWatch $121,980
Lambda $121,481
Kinesis $121,429
Key Management Service $117,297
Elastic Beanstalk $114,219
Redshift $113,950

4) AWS Skills on the list of most in-demand skills since 2015

“The need for cloud and data specialists is unlikely to abate anytime soon, especially as the software platforms powering businesses become more powerful (and, in many ways, more complex). For tech professionals, learning any new cloud-related skills is a reliable way to advance their careers. On the employer side of the equation, companies should prepare to continue paying top dollar for specialists in increasingly ubiquitous technologies.”- said Dice President Bob Melk

Knowing which way the wind blows and then keeping up with the change in the same direction is the need of the hour. And as of today the wind seems to be blowing into AWS cloud. As Google trends indicate, organizations are heading for a serious skills shortage around AWS. Professionals yearning for a lucrative career should run in this direction. With more than 350,000 professionals required to fill cloud job roles there’s clearly a huge opportunity for people who can prove their skills. AWS skills are sitting high on the list of most in-demand skills for employers.

Use the search term “Cloud”  for a simple full-time jobs search today on Indeed.com and you will see that there are more than 70,000 results. Of these Amazon Web Services (AWS) skills are the most in-demand skills with 25,361 open jobs. 60% of the cloud computing job postings ask for skills related to Amazon Web Services.

According to a Indeed report, there has been a significant growth of 37% in the Australian job market for AWS professionals in the past year. The statistics reveal that the number of open AWS jobs is 6 to 12 times more than the number of job seekers. There are not sufficient people who know how work with AWS cloud services and jobs are going unfilled with salaries sky-rocketing for skilled and certified AWS professionals. It  is clearly evident that cloud computing skills and , specifically AWS cloud skills are and will continue to be in great demand over the years to come. AWS’s dominance as a public cloud platform is a major catalyst driving demand for AWS skills and certifications to higher levels in the coming years.

5. Flexibility & Scalability

Now that I have already mentioned scalability let’s discuss that first. Right from initiation Amazon’s focus has been on scalability. This flexibility meant businesses could easily scale up or down to meet the business needs. The same philosphy has been incorporated by AWS which greatly helps the users.This extremely flexible system is now the hallmark of AWS, and is one of the main reasons to choose AWS. Hence on demand scalability and flexibility find their place in the list of top 7 reasons to learn AWS and use it.

6. The AWS Certification is a goal that is achievable

Since AWS certification has been around in some form since 2013, many resources exist to help prospective exam takers to learn AWS. The best way to learn AWS  is often by taking some form of AWS Solutions Architect training. AWS Architect training comes in the form of live instructor-led training, virtual and digital training in addition to a plethora of books and forums that exist on the subject.

Oftentimes, the best AWS training is training that offers a combination of theory with a great deal of hands-on exposure to the core services on the platform. The wealth of information that exists as well as the overwhelming amount of sample questions and best practices available makes achieving your certification a real possibility.

7. AWS community

This opens up greater networking opportunities for certified candidates. AWS certified candidates gain access to the AWS certified LinkedIn community, receive invites to regional events and free practice exams to prepare for other certifications.

Amazon also provides you with official AWS certified logo usage and digital badges so you can display your credentials to the world.

In closing, AWS has become one of the fastest growing technology products in information technology. Companies are moving forward with AWS at astounding rates. Getting your AWS certification now will help you to gain the necessary knowledge and learn the tools needed to work within this new landscape of technology.


This brings us to the end of this blog on Top 7 reasons to learn AWS. To learn more about AWS you can refer our Amazon AWS Tutorial blog. We have also come up with a curriculum which covers exactly what you would need to crack the Solution Architect Exam! You can have a look at the course details for AWS Solution Architect training.

Resources to learn Popular programming AWS

Machine Learning with AWS

Complete AWS Big Data and Analytics Certification

COMPLETE – AWS Security Specialty Certification

Oracle Database on AWS: EC2 & RDS from Scratch

AWS Networking from Basics to Advanced: Learn practically in 5 hours

AWS Master Class: Databases In The Cloud With AWS RDS

DevOps Jenkins: CI/CD with Jenkins Pipeline, AWS Pipeline

Mastering Landscape Editing Using Lightroom

AWS Expert Classes (Covers Solution Architect Associate Course 2018)

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: 6 Full Practice tests

AWS Essentials for Certification & on-job

AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional 2019

AWS Certified Developer – Associate 2019

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 2019

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 – Practice Exams – 2019

مسارات العمل في مجال تقنية المعلومات

Better Jobs

Finally, everyone in this world is learning one or the other for what purpose? Yes, obviously to get a wonderful and meaningful job to lead a peaceful life. Are you not ready to get hold of an innovative and powerful job in this amazing competitive world? If any of you waiting to enter the world of cloud industry, better go ahead with cloud computing course which can tremendously benefit you to reach the interview phase.

We are at the end of this blog! There are many courses and training session on AWS, either online or offline. Be sure that there is no end for learning and age is not a matter for enhancing the technical skills. AWS plays a major role in this competitive technology world and none of us are underestimated to keep away from learning such concepts.

Now you are aware of the top 7 reasons to learn AWS and now what are you waiting for? Just keep rocking with all your valuable skills to enter the AWS world.


9 Reasons why you should Learn Python

Python is an important programming language that all developers should know. Many programmers use this language to make websites, produce learning algorithms, and perform different necessary tasks. The best way to learn Python begins with deciding what you want to build. Then you will want to find a course or resources to help you develop your idea. When learning Python, it is very important to start with an idea. If you try to create something that interests you, the process becomes more intense. Learn Python in just 9 simple steps with the Simpliv program.

1. Python is easy

Easy to learn, has a simple, even intuitive syntax (putting it simply: a way of writing the commands understood by a computer with a given programming language.) The syntax resembles the elements “from real life“ so the keywords are intelligible for every beginner, and at the same time, really close to these appearing in other programming languages (that’s why a switch to another language later is easier.)

When we specify the things to do, we often use a colon (“:“), and intersections — just like we give commands in Python blocks of code. By the way, it somehow forces us to build the good habits of making intersections. It makes our Python code look nice, legible, and clear.

First programme displaying “Hello World“


public class Main {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    System.out.println("hello world");


print("hello world")

I leave it for individual judgement 😉 If you’ve installed Python already, check import this in a console, everything that inspires to code in Python in 19 lines.

2. Figure Out What Motivates You to Learn Python

Before you start learning Python, you have to ask yourself why you want to learn it. This is because the trip will be long and sometimes painful. Without sufficient motivation, you probably will not succeed. For example, I slept during high school and university when I had to remember the syntax and was not motivated. On the other hand, I stayed awake at night when I used Python to create an automated authoring site.

When you discover what motivates you, you will find a final goal and a path that will take you there without trouble. You do not have to define a specific project, but simply a general area that interests you when preparing Python.

Select an area that interests you, for example:

  • Data Science / Machine Learning
  • Mobile apps
  • Web sites
  • Games
  • Hardware / sensors / robots
  • Scripts to automate your work

Discover one or two areas that interest you and you are ready to stick to it. They will align their learning with them and eventually build projects.

3. Python is fast

Nope, I don’t mean to compare Python’s speed to other programming languages. There will be moaning that there are faster ones, for sure. Python is fast compared to interpeted languages but it’s not important for the beginner.

You can learn Python fast, and it’s available off-the-shelf.

You install Python, and you can immediately start writing your code. You run a console, write python, and you’re already welcomed with an encouraging sign “>>>“ — Write something, try me, come on! No need to read about choosing a programme, an environment, a compiler versions.

You don’t want to install Python but want to try your hand at a console? Go ahead: Python shell online or repl.it.


This GIF is here not accidentally. Mr. Robot is an excellent TV series about hackers, and there’s a big portion of IT world involved in it. It wasn’t directed with a lick and promise like most of productions of this kind. We can trace quite a lot of cybersecurity devices here. There’s a scene where a code in Python is quickly written straight in a console or fuxsocy.py file that Darlyn uses.

Creating penetration tests in Java — OK but how would hacking in a real life look like? There’s a scene in Mr. Robot: FBI cruises the corridors: Wait a sec, I’ll just compile this.

4. Python is productive

Working with the Big Data (collecting it, analysis, processing, usage) is the future. The more data you have to process, the more important is the management of used resources, and code’s effectiveness.

Python makes generators accessible, both as the expressions, and the functions. The generators enable iterative data processing — the element after the element. It doesn’t sound too attractive until you notice that “ordinary“ iterative data processing requires a list. A list takes up the memory. A really big list takes up a lot of memory. The generators allow to gather the data from a source one element at a time, and their transfer via a whole data processing chain, skipping a mechanism related to the storage of iterative list.

Even if working with the Big Data sounds like an abstraction for you for the time being, think of all these given consents to data processing, marketing, academic work or even the politics (e.g. Donald Trump won the elections thanks to Big Data.)

5. Professional skills

There are many languages for educational purposes such as Scratch or Logo. Surely, they can help you with learning the logics of programming, some of them gets to the schools, and it’s a good trend. However, no matter how advanced is the stuff you do with them, nobody will take it seriously (unless you’re a teacher, and you want to introduce programming lessons to your students.)

So reach for Python! It’s really approachable, and will immediately give you a concrete professional asset — programming.

After all, you don’t want to develop your skills with Python? Chill, you’ll easily “get lower“ to C, jump to Ruby (its syntax is really similar) or move towards front-end, straight into JavaScript arms. Python integration with other languages? No problem. Additional solutions? Sure, there are many options. Jython (Python implemented in Java) works everywhere where Java does. IronPython is a Python implemented in .Net.

6. Remuneration

Let’s talk about money. It’s not an interview so let’s put it bluntly — the main reason people change their field is a wish to earn more, and the sums in IT world may impress.

Python is second on a list of well-paid languages in USA. We analyse an average annual wage, the fact that Python is an easy language to learn, and things become clear.
Despite the fact that these statistics doesn’t correspond with Polish trends, Python programmers can’t complain about their earnings. I see a bright future for them, especially because the trends usually come to us “from the West.“

7. Possibilities

As I said, you can make use of Python in every way. It’s high time for examples.

Arduino or Raspberry Pi

In both cases you can code in Python. A lot of fun, immense possibilities. DIY projects are easily accessible on YouTube, and really rewarding.


Ethical hacking, penetration tests, security systems analysis, software development — these might be your tasks as a Security Specialist

Internet of Things

Actually, you can make the gadgets for your house on your own or work in this field profesionally.


Collecting information about the users and its analysis with your own data or Facebook API,  Google, Twitter, better ads targetting.


Data processing on mathematical and statistical level, working with results of laboratory experiments in the field of genomics, chemistry, geoinformation, etc.


Software testing, automated testing, debugging, everywhere where you can — out of laziness — write the code that would carry out the code the tests for a tester.


As far as Data Scientist positions are concerned, Python is one of the most often required languages.

Machine learning, AI

The fields that involve processing of a huge amount of data. Python is the future of machine learning, they say.

Web development

More effective backend than popular PHP, and the frameworks that make you do your work faster, e.g. Django or Flask.

Many, many more could come to our mind. Even in a field of games which isn’t, at least at first, associated with Python, one can find a suitable position (gameplay programmer).

8. Python III The Mighty

Because Python is easy, you cannot do with it more? By no means! It’s application really varies. Python has the power so the companies such as Google, Dropbox, Spotify or Netflix use it in their applications.


Dropbox is completely written in Python , and it ensures its compatibility with every operation system. It has around 400 millions of users. For many of them, it’s one of the first applications they install on their computers. Not only a desktop application but also Dropbox server side code is written in Python.


Google uses a huge amount of technologies: C++, Python, and Go among them. Supposedly, someone said in Google office: Python where we can, C++ when we have to.


Spotify and Netflix

Similarly to Google, Spotify and Netflix employ different languages. In Spotify, it’s mainly Java but Python is used for things like their Web API, data analysis which is not only related to users (DNS server’s recovery system, payment system, content management system.) Netflix uses a mix of Java, Scala and Python, simultaneously giving their programmers the autonomy of choosing the language that is most proper where a given problen occurs. Where we can find Python there? In analytical groups, and real-time event service.

Where else Python is used?

Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Quora, Pinterest, Disqus.

9. Materials and community



You’ll easily find a lot of learning materials, mainly in English. Python documentation is rich, and really coherently written. The books doesn’t become outdated as quickly as in the case of web technologies.

The beginners like support, and Python community is active, also in Poland (numerous events, Facebook groups such as Python Poland, Python: Pierwsze kroki, Python szukam pracy, and also my group, Python: nauka). There’s also a strong female community: PyLadies, PyCode Carrots, Django Girls.

Useful Resources to Learn Python

If you decide to learn Python in 2019 then here are some of the useful Python books, courses, and tutorials to start your journey in the beautiful world of Python.

Learn Python GUI with Tkinter: The Complete Guide

Python 1200: Practice for BEGINNERS

Learn Python from Basic to Advance with Projects in a day

Python For Beginners With Exercises

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Image Processing Applications on Raspberry Pi – From Scratch

Python for Beginners 2017

Selenium with Python

Guide to Python Programming Language

Python GUI Programming Projects using Tkinter and Python 3

Complete Python Course Go from zero to hero in Python

The Python 3 New Features from Python Enhancement Proposal

Learn Python Programming

Selenium WebDriver With Python 3.x – Novice To Ninja

Learn Python 3 from scratch to become a developer in demand

Learn Python Django – A Hands-On Course

Python Programming & Data Handling

Python for Beginners

Create Your Calculator: Learn Python Programming Basics Fast

The Complete Python Training for 2019: Work on 10 Projects

Fundamentals of Python for Data Mining

Python for Data Science, Data Analysis & Visualization: 2019

Python For Beginners In Arabic تعلم لغة البايثون

Curso Completo De Machine Learning: Data Science en Python

Complete Python Beginners Bootcamp: Python Deluxe Edition

Python Acelerado

Python Pro – Python Basics for Machine Learning

GUI Automation using Python| Python Automation

Data Structures and Algorithms in Python

Machine Learning Basics: Classification models in Python

Python Automation for Everyone – Learn Python 3

COMPLETE Python Bootcamp 2019

NEW Python 3.7 Mastery course [FAST TRACK] – Programming language

Build Full Download Manager | Python & PyQt5

Learn Python 3 Programming in සිංහල

Python Programming for Absolute Beginners: Quickly learn python

Building Movies Site With Python & Django – IMDB Clone

That’s all for this article on the important reasons to learn Python in 2019. As I said, it’s important to know programming and coding in today’s world and if you don’t know coding you are missing something and Python is a great way to start learning to code.

For programmers who already know Java or C++, learning Python not only will make you a polyglot programmer but also gives you a powerful tool in your arsenal to write scripts, create a web application, and open the door to the exciting fields of data science and machine learning.

In short, if you could learn just one programming language in 2019 then make it to Python and to start with, The Complete Python MasterClass is the best course.


So these are my 9 reasons why it’s worth learning Python. Surely, there are more. What are yours?



10 Reasons Why You Should Keep Learning Game Development

If you ask any software developer, there’s a decent chance that they have tried their hand at game development. It seems like a natural fit since it uses many of the same skills. What’s more, programmers come into it with the knowledge that most aspiring game makers lack: how to write good code and create effective software.

However, the majority of developers and engineers either don’t stick with game development or don’t even consider it, perhaps thinking that the skills gained from game creation don’t apply to actual software development. If that sounds like you, it might be time to reconsider. Here are seven reasons why game development is actually a perfect side hobby for software developers.

1. You already have many of the necessary skills.

Creating a game requires three main areas of knowledge. You have to know how to create assets (like sprites and sound effects), you have to know how to use the engine or framework you have chosen, and you have to know how to write the code that will make your game run.

The most time-consuming aspect of those three, at least in the long run, is probably asset creation. Fortunately, there’s often enough free art and models available on the internet to mitigate this, at least until your game is done and ready for its own custom style. That leaves the engine and coding, of which programmers already know one and can easily learn the other.

As a software developer, the biggest learning curves to game development are understanding how to work with the tools and learning how to think about what makes a game fun. Both of these things are similar to what we do every day, whether it’s picking up new technologies and frameworks or shifting our mindsets to better understand client demands. The skills are all transferable.

2. Game Dev Increases Your Skill Set

Let’s talk realities. Maybe you’re a college kid in the middle of achieving your masters in computer science or maybe you’re a coder for a major Cloud hosting firm constantly looking to improve your HTML5, C# and C++ skills. Whatever the case, learning game development extends far beyond game programming. With more and more companies looking to hire bright coders with a background in C++, DirectX, HTML5 and down and dirty 2D mobile skills, the applications for learning game development exist far beyond the gaming market.

Don’t believe us, take it from MashableTechRepublic and ReadWrite. The number three reason why you should learn the languages behind game development is it will make you employable. Which, in turn, proves my and your parents wrong once again.

3. It can be easier than an actual side project.

Though this isn’t always true, developing a game is often easier than working on a side project. The key is keeping a realistic scope in mind.

Especially as a new game developer, it’s important to start small. Many small games can be developed in only a few weeks or months once you have enough experience. Tutorials for engines like Unity and Unreal take just a couple of days or even hours, and you’ll come out with an impressive game at the end.

Additionally, more people are familiar with games than typical side project applications or ideas, so it’s often easier to find testers who can give meaningful feedback. Games lend themselves to playtesting at many points along the development process, and making major progress provides the same level of satisfaction (sometimes more) as it would with any other application you might be developing.

4. Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5

Maybe the best reason why you should learn game dev to make killer games are Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5. The basic premise of both are simple: Unreal and Unity gaming engines allow coders to insert their code into the engine in a plug and play fashion. Whereas older titles demanded a programmer code every detail of a game, both engines allows programmers to code the gaming infrastructure allowing for Unreal and Unity to take over determining factors like lighting, player instincts and graphics rendering.

With Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5 written as a cross-platform gaming engine, both support games designed for Microsoft’s DirectC, OpenGL and JavaScript/WebGL. This said, regardless of the language you love or the platform you love, both Unreal and Unity make it easier than ever to code for a 3D or 2D game across a wide array of consoles, PC’s/Mac’s and mobile platforms.

Your fourth reason to learn game development: The gaming engines powering games and empowering coders are stronger, faster, more agile, more adept and easier to utilize than ever before.

5. It can be monetized and marketed.

Similar to an app, a game that you develop can be marketed and monetized. Though sometimes the barrier to entry is higher than an app–the markets for games often have some restrictions–usually, the monetization comes for free.

Unlike an app, where you often have to set up your own payment system or pick an existing library, any platform that distributes games will already have those things established. All you have to do is publish your game, find ways to tell people about it, and you’re set.

6. Learn Game Dev for Hacking, Glitches, Loopholes and Codes

All that said, let’s be honest here for a moment: if you’re a gamer, you love a good code. You love nothing more than knowing while the demo of the original Sonic the Hedgehog is playing, if you hold A + B + C, Sonic will become very disoriented, lose his place and yes, possibly keel over and die. You also love knowing that if you were to press B, B, B, B, B, B, B followed holding Up, Y and B in the original NBA Jam for Super Nintendo, you cheated your way to eternally being on fire.

Every one of us who loves gaming is still a ten year old sitting in his/her basement trying to level up, button smash and tactically maneuver our way to victory. Call it cheating, call it a loophole or call it a glitch, you should learn game development so you can program a few codes into your game providing that ten year old with the thrill of his/her life. The fifth reason you should learn to code game development software: pay it forward and inspire another generation of gamers to be coders.


7. You can learn new concepts of software design.

Contrary to what many believe, game development does lend itself to learning more about how to write good software. This is especially true if you make learning intentional.

For example, if you have worked in object-oriented languages your whole life, you might spend some time in an engine with a strong component system. This experience will teach you how to work with a component-based architecture, and it might reveal some ideas that you can take back to the system you use for work.

If you are intentional about finding engines and frameworks that work differently than what you’re used to, you’ll pick up some valuable knowledge along the way.

8. You can target your own professional development goals.

It’s not just play. Game development can help you complete your own professional development goals.

Say that right now, you’re working on a single-page web application written in React, but you don’t have any previous experience with the framework and aren’t sure what you can do on your own to learn it. One possibility would be to create a game, and then develop a web page using React (or whatever framework you might be using on your project) that keeps track of scores or synchronizes game information. If your team is doing exclusively server-side things, you could use those same technologies to build a server for your game client’s communication needs.

The possibilities are endless. The main thing to take away is that game development can certainly support professional development and learning if you’re willing to think about how you can incorporate it.

9. It can be a great way to get to know other developers.

One of my favorite things about game development is the community that surrounds it. Often, there are well-established groups and meetups for game developers, and joining some of these can be a great way to meet other game creators and work with them.

Another thing that I’ve really come to appreciate is working on games alongside the people I work with at my day job. Doing game development on the side with your co-workers is a great way to build relationships outside of work while doing something that’s fun. It’s also a cool thing when you finish another milestone in your game and get to show it to others.

Additionally, you can do game jams with people at work. These are usually timed competitions (the most popular being Ludum Dare, which is a 48-hour competition if you’re going solo or 72 if you have a team) where game makers are given a theme and must develop a game based on that theme in the allotted time. Because of the nature of game jams, they tend to be great ways to get together for a weekend with co-workers, create a game you’re all excited about, and have fun in the process.

10. It’s fun.

The best part about game development is that it can be incredibly fun. You’ll certainly run into the same pitfalls that you face in regular development: times of frustration, not knowing how to proceed, and even feeling like you have to fight against the tools you’re using.

However, game development lends itself to an entertaining development process. You get to play and test your game as you go, and there’s nothing like the feeling of finally having enough of your game made that you get to share it with others.

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you that game development is a hobby you should look into soon. If you’re wondering where to start, I would recommend the Unity engine. It’s one of the most popular and well-documented engines on the market. It does have a somewhat steep learning curve, but it is incredibly flexible and powerful, and learning how to work with it will enable you to create practically any game you’d ever want to. You can check out some tutorials here.


So there you have it. The top five reasons why you should learn game design and game development. So get to it. Take that idea for a sky diving game and get coding. I for one, can’t wait to play and beat it.
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